Patch Notes Update Beta Update 1.02 Now Available

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Michael Brookes

Game Director
Hi everyone,

beta update 1.02 is being uploaded and will be available for download within the next 30 minutes. Here is the change log for this update:

- Fix for rare infinite loop in missions on start up
- Fixes for type 6 repair, cockpit now has marketable data and won't crash. localised the cockpit and the radiators
- If the launchpad returned by the ship is null (because the space station has disappeared), then we should assert - but not crash
- Fix crash in location data gathering
- Safer method for transferring values for damaged regions
- Made the space location component not crash if it has an invalid address, instead it will now wait until it get a valid address
- Fix bug in handling access token lock/unlock - could cause a deadlock
- Additional null proofing for launch bay components
- Possible fix for soft lock in hyperspace
- Show the hyperspace limits to inform the player while reviewing the mission details
- Paintjob tweaks for both Sidewinder & Eagle to match them more closely to the thumbnail images we have on the store
- Make double sure we have an object before applying a replication to it (Crash fix)
- Only check for correct authority transfer state if actually needing to transfer authority
- When a death message arrives for a subsidiary (which, for example, would remove the internals of a space station), if the object itself doesn't know what the response is then ask the subsidiary's parent if it knows
- Fix one of the crash paths dealing with inside/outside paths of the docking bay
- Make sure we get something useful from locking vertex and index buffers when creating stellar body geometry
- Add some extra logging when joining a private group
- More vanishing station-bits crash guards
- Stop the toxic cobra from crashing the game by starting in a redundant state in operations mode
- Missing black markets fixed
- Fixed incorrect paint job name
- OOM stability: when encountering an E_OUTOFMEMORY HRESULT on the render thread, flush the immediate context and reattempt the operation before we give up, since experiments show at least some drivers do not do this internally
- Server should not clean up (apparently unused) sessions that are still in the process of being set up: apply a minimum lifetime of 60 seconds before a session can be cleaned up
- Extra careful tracing of space station deaths
- Crash fix in Initialise Launch Bays
- Added more reporting for missions softlock issues
- Ensure the condition for checking a new authority is OK to take it match between the issuer and the checker
- Send HTTP status code in telemetry for failed game load


Nice work gents, appreciated. Very impressed so far with support and work rate. Loving the game immensely too, everything I hoped it would be, and potentially more in the future....hope this fixes me being stuck in hyperspace for eveeeeeeeer lol ;)

amazing work, so quick with updates and so good at keeping us informed with these update notes.

It's really great to see progress and fixes happening so quickly.
Thanks a lot for this amazing game and the fact that you're making it even better. I will try to contribute my share through bug reports....

Keep up the good work guys! :)
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