Better Specialized Cargo and Passenger Ships

There's a problem with relative ship design and performance in Elite: Dangerous.

Namely, the best cargo ships are not the ships -designed- to be the best cargo ships.

Likewise, the best passenger ships are definitely not the ships -designed- to be the best passenger ships.

That a Python is better at carrying cargo than a Type-7 is absurd. That it's also better at carrying passengers than an Orca is just as nuts.

Just adding more, larger module slots in the dedicated freighters and passenger liners isn't a good option, because those slots could be used for combat equipment and potentially make for badass Type-7 combat rigs that make no sense.

So instead, why not use the current passenger liners' restricted modules concept, and expand on it? Add an extra passenger-locked module to each of the passenger liners to buff their performance above general-use ships in their class.

Similarly, add one or two cargo-locked modules to cargo ships, to boost their performance to be best-in-class. A Type 9 should carry the most cargo in the game without exception, based on its dimensions and shape. Even the Cutter, despite being bigger, looks to contain about the same or less -volume-, and thus should be at most equal in cargo capacity to the T-9, rather than much better as it currently is.
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