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Greetings Commanders,

The 3.0 beta galaxy servers will go down shortly in order for us to update to beta 2. We have made some specific changes to Engineers that we'd like to call out. You can read about them here.

See the full change log below.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed an audio issue with Small Fixed Mining Lasers
  • Fixed some clicking that could occur when starting and stopping in the Lakon Type 10
  • Fixed hardpoint scanners being silent after swapping from mothership to fighter and back
  • Fixed a bug where returning from the menu pause screen would resume Galnet audio, even if the audio had been paused beforehand
  • Fixed some missing UI sounds when contributing resources towards a Wing Mission when using a mouse


  • Added the correct radial menus for the T.Flight Hotas One and T.Flight Hotas 4
  • Reverted a change that renamed ThrustMasterHOTAS4 to TFlightHotas4 to keep backwards compatibility with existing player presets that referenced the old name


  • Engineer workshop now displays ‘None’ instead of the currently applied experimental effect if you have a Blueprint selected that is different from the one currently applied to the module
  • Pinning a blueprint will now pin all grades, not just one
  • Higher reputation with an Engineer will increase the speed you'll progress through the lower grades
  • Initial balance pass on certain blueprint stats. Click spoiler to see all changes, to help test the new tweaks. Also read about this on our post here.

- Dirty Drives:
Speed Increase 30%->40%
(Max possible increase now 47%, used to be 47% with extreme luck, 43%+ considered very good)
- Clean Drives:
Speed Increase 18%->28%
(Max possible increase now 34.4%, used to be 33.8%)

- Short Range:
Damage increase 65%->75%
(Max DPS increase 67.5% in live, 70% in beta, now 80% including experimentals)
- Overcharged:
Damage increase 55%->70%
(Max DPS increase 67.5% in live, 59% in beta, now 75% including experimentals)
- Rapid Fire:
Firing Interval reduction 40%->44% (ROF increase 66%->79%)
(Max DPS increase 67.5% in live, 63% in beta, now 74.7% including experimentals)
- Efficient:
Damage increase 17%->24%
(Max DPS increase 26% in live, 20.5% in beta, now 27.7% including experimentals)
Passive power draw reduction 40%->48%
WEP draw reduction 35%->45%
- Focused:
Heat increase halved (10%->5%)

Shield Generator:
- Enhanced, Low Power:
Strength Multiplier: 10%->15%
- Reinforced:
Damage Reduction: 12%->15% (back to where it is in live), also fix a numerical error that resulted it odd results from crafting lvl 1-4 blueprints

- Increased FSD Range:
Optimised mass 50%->55%

Power Plant:
- Low Emissions:
Heat 60%->65%
- Overcharged:
Power 36%->40%
Hull Reinforcement:
- Single Resistance blueprints:
Off-type penalties reduced 12%->10%
- Heavy Duty:
Damage resistance restored from 8.5%->15%
- Lightweight:
Health Multiplier increase 18%->24%

- Heavy Duty:
Health Multiplier increase 30%->35%

Power Distributor:
- High Frequency:
Global charge rate increase 40%->45%
- High Capacity:
Global Charge Capacity 40%->42%
- Priority X blueprints:
Increase charge rate on primary capacitor from 30%->36%
Shield Boosters:
- Heavy Duty:
Shield health increase 38%->40%
- Resistance Augmented:
Global damage resist 16%->17%

Galaxy Map/System Map

  • Removed Thargoid and Guardian from galaxy map Allegiance filter and added them to a new Civilisation filter
  • Fixed the System Map displaying the current view mode of the Galaxy Map in the top right corner
  • Fixed some incorrect player faction descriptions on the Galaxy Map

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • Increased yield of materials from asteroids
  • Fix for bounty values not always being received correctly
  • Material availability has been restored to its original state on planets
  • Added two new materials - Boron and Lead which can most commonly be found in metal-rich asteroid rings.
  • Choosing the Horizons Fast Start when creating a Commander now includes an initial set of micro resources
  • Initial commodity adjustments to make it more profitable to smuggle goods to a black market
  • Anarchy factions treat smuggling goods at a black market as if they were traded on the open commodities market for the purposes of the Background Sim

Holo-Me Creator

  • Corrected the position of the player’s avatar when using the Holo-Me creator when in an Anaconda


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Data Uplinks from being targeted on Installations
  • Fixed Capital Ship in Distress USS being surrounded by ‘Clean’ Pirate NPCs
  • Prison ships now carry a stock of Sidewinders


  • Leftover cargo from a Delivery Wing Mission is now flagged as Stolen for all wing members
  • Adjusted the spawn rate of Skimmers at settlements to better facilitate 'Kill Skimmer' missions
  • Increased the variety of Courier missions that can be generated
  • Fixed an issue where kills by Wing members were not always counted towards a Massacre Wing mission
  • Factions will no longer send you to scan their own Data Points for a Planetary Scan mission
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing mission targets from counting towards an Assassination mission after following a target using a Wake Scanner
  • Fixed material rewards from Wing Missions not being added to the Material Inventory
  • Fixed mission rewards not filtering correctly
  • Wing Delivery and Collect missions are now available


  • Fixed a disconnect that could occur when attempting to deploy a fighter in Multi-Crew


  • Fixed an issue where planetary defences would still attack you while docked after re-spawning

  • ATR fixes - Correct number of ATR ships now arrive and at the correct threshold


  • Fixed Recon Limpet Controllers all having the same stats and description


  • Fixed some cases of the rocks around Engineer bases being different colours to the planet’s surface

Player Journal

  • Added an event to Player Journal when SRV is destroyed
  • Added info in journal if wanted when docked
  • Added a property in the Journal's "Location" or "FSDJump" event indicating if the player is wanted locally
  • Fixed the "Loadout" entry written to the Journal at startup (It was sometimes missing)
  • Ensured all ShipType strings written to journal get localisation
  • Added a new "Powerplay" event in the journal to log a player's powerplay allegiance, rank, merits etc


Alliance Chieftain

  • Adjusted the Outfitting camera angle for the String Lights Livery Slot


  • Adjusted some camera angles in the Keelback and fixed some UI occlusion that could occur with the role switch panel when in the second cockpit seat

Lakon Type 10

  • Fixes to the landing gear animations and positioning


  • Fixed an issue where the SRV’s seat was not animating in sync with the pilot impact animations

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when logging in after applying an unsuitable Engineer modification to a module
  • Tentative fix for a render texture crash (the most frequently encountered crash in 3.0 Beta 1)
  • Fixed a disconnect that could occur when using the Technology Broker if trying to remove required materials
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the mission owner scans a Nav Beacon for an Assassination Wing Mission
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when looking at the Navigation Panel when in CQC
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Galaxy Map
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching to another ship
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the Insurance Screen


  • Fixed failed Wing Missions not being marked as such in the Transactions Tab
  • When selecting a megaship turret in the contacts panel, it will no longer look like the player is selecting a ship nor have any attributes normally associated with a ship
  • Fixed an issue where weapon mode icons (fixed, gimbal, turret) were appearing incorrectly for modules in outfitting
  • Fixed the icon for Inbox messages that contain audio
  • Fixed some visual issues that could occur with the UI upon unlocking an item from the Technology Broker
  • The Sub-target tab now shows status instead of health when selecting a hackable item
  • Modules tab now updates when taking heat damage to correctly display health values
  • Fixed negative numbers appearing next to invitee's avatars on Massacre Wing missions
  • Fixed Engineer mod notifications not correctly aligning when changing from one warning to another
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from scrolling down the module info panel
  • Fixed an issue that could lead you to become stuck on the rewards screen following the completion of a Cargo Depot Wing mission
  • Changed the inbox filter and header from ‘Audio Logs’ to ‘Discovered Logs’
  • Fixed some debug text that could appear when targeting Black Box Canisters
  • Fixed the ‘engineered’ icon incorrectly displaying when selling stored non-engineered modules
  • Fixed a crash in the workshop that could occur when comparing against a Blueprint not available at the current engineer
  • Fixed an issue whereby an NPC’s avatar could appear in the Comms panel instead of a player’s avatar
  • Fixed inbox message not always appearing when gaining an exploration rank after discovering a new micro resource
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when accessing The Dweller’s Starport UI
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Wow... we are on track... looks pretty good.
I will try to replicate my PD this evening: (Does "High Frequency" mean "Charge Enhanced"?)
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Nice changes !
But as long as the grind for enginners is so long, I will not do them !
I have a full time job and grinding some materials for weeks/months is to boring and I'de like to spend my free time on a fun game, not a farming game !
Change the grind and this game will be a lot better for everyone !
Perfect, thank you!

But how will the reputation with an engineer work now since the progression is per module?

You gain it comparingly quickly with rolling modules, at least in beta. It limits how grades you can get out of blueprint. How leveling will work in live no one fully knows, but I guess it is pretty much guaranteed that you will get your Engineer to lvl 5 rep after rolling fully few modules.
I want to preface by saying everything about these changes is a lot better than the old changes.

However, what of Thermal Reduction? Focused PAs, Long-Range Pulse/Burst Lasers, and Railguns heavily rely on that stat. Distro Reduction was super important for Beam Lasers, as well.

I am also concerned with how "overpowered" Armored Power Plants are in the Beta version. No mention of a number rebalance on that. Armored Power Plant 2.0 is essentially LE1+OC1 on top of heavily increased Integrity. This is very game-breaking.
You gain it comparingly quickly with rolling modules, at least in beta. It limits how grades you can get out of blueprint. How leveling will work in live no one fully knows, but I guess it is pretty much guaranteed that you will get your Engineer to lvl 5 rep after rolling fully few modules.
Ah, yes, thanks! I forgot about the top left bar showing the overall progress with the guy. I though now there was ONLY progression with the mods, you're right.
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