Patch Notes Update Beyond - Chapter Four 3.3

' We're going to die Roy!'

IT crowd is a timeless masterpiece.

Have you tried turning it off and on again.

I did cellphone tech support. 99.999999999999% of the calls went like this "can you powercycle the device please" "ok problem solved"
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Warning ED server compromised eject eject eject eject


cant wait to see the new game
9 hours for database transfers, server setup, backups and testing nice job guys
hope everything works when i get of from work

^Pretty much sums up how I feel right now....
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Just downloaded the new launcher... :D


... Update: Hmmm... new launcher: OK. No "Upgrade" prompt: Only "Play"...

Am I ready already? :eek:
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In completely unrelated news it's my dogs 3rd birthday so we're off to the beach for a long walk/play while we wait for the patch notes and update to become available

Rock on chapter 4, can't wait to get my teeth into the many mysterious things we'll no doubt be discovering in the coming weeks
Not that I've used it in quite a while (maybe that's telling), but I guess the macOS client just became obsolete when the servers went down for Chapter 4 [cry]
I'm excited about the Squadron (clan ability) and where that might lead to. I also could really really do with an ingame browser for us HTC Vive VR players that can't run virtual desktop alongside the game.
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