Patch Notes Update Beyond - Chapter Four 3.3

Can I rage quit before it even gets on the servers?

Thought i'd get in first :p

I'll have to do something useful for the next 7 hours or so.... Or I could play Fallout 4 VR for a while :)
I've got my chicken nuggets and Szechuan sauce on standby


Everytime the same thing....

Ok, so I've read the news. How do I take down that orange annoyance from the top of the forum window?
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9 Hours!!
Time FDev upgrade the Hamsters, maybe Degus? they seem to run a bit faster than Hamsters and similar size.
And due to this patch ALL hamsters are bought by Fdev in a 70 km radius from their HQ just to keep the servers running.

[big grin]
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