News Beyond - Chapter Four - Beta Update (Week 2)

Will Flanagan

Product Manager
Hello Commanders,

We’re pleased to announce that the next set of beta content for Beyond - Chapter Four will be deployed to the beta server tomorrow!

We will bring the beta server down at 10:00 (UTC) on 7 November. Following the update, the beta server will be live at approximately 15:00 (UTC) on 7 November. There is a chance that this could run over, so we really appreciate your patience. As usual with these updates we'll keep you as up to date as possible.

As we've said previously, in order to focus the public testing on specific aspects of Beyond - Chapter Four, we will be unlocking different content over a number of different weeks. You can find out the beta content schedule here:


With tomorrow's beta update, you'll be able to test the following:
  • New Mining tools
  • Squadrons
  • ...and all of the previous content, including:

The changes coming with the Beyond - Chapter Four update are some of the biggest we've seen this year, so we would encourage you to help us iron out the kinks by leaving feedback in our dedicated beta forum section. This feedback is incredibly valuable for our team and will help us overcome any unforeseeable issues and bugs ahead of Beyond - Chapter Four's launch!

To take part in the beta, all you'll need to do is load up the launcher and select (and update) the following product: Elite Dangerous - Horizons - Beta (3.3). Once that has been completed, you'll then have access to the Beyond - Chapter Four beta. If this hasn't appeared, please restart your launcher.

If you'd like information as the beta progresses, you can also subscribe to our Beyond - Chapter Four Beta newsletter by clicking here.

We can't wait to hear what you think of the Squadrons system - and new Mining tools - in the Beyond - Chapter Four beta!
I know what happens in BETA stays in BETA but will we keep any progress we've made in the current BETA once this one is implemented?
Remember Remember the 7th of November,
The Third Season the plot.
I know of no Reason,
Why the third season,
Should ever be forgot.
Frontier...Will placeholder, space clouds, and fixes for the FSS and exploration be fixed for the next Beta instalment in order we can actually test these features , as at this time, their are aspects of the new features we are unable to test ?????
Any chance of a greatly expanded "Known Bugs" post.
It would REALLY help us know bug from feature and stop spamming you with the same old.

(NB JIRA has various Export options)
I am really crossing my fingers that you've found the time to try to address the crippling visual problems in VR. Thanks for all the hard work!

Does anyone know how beta is supposed to work this time? Will the next beta also include fixes of stuff we reported, at all? Or is this going to happen after the last 'feature-beta' is launched?
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