Patch Notes Update Beyond - Chapter Four - Beta (Week 3)

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Hello Will

Now that the HUD Modes are limiting which modules can trigger, should it not also limit which modules appear in our active Fire Groups? We already have automatically selecting modules when Multi-Crew is active.
Since I can't use weapons in analysis mode and can't use scanners in combat mode, I would like to be able to choose which modules will be on my Fire Groups in each HUD Mode. Could we get the option to manually set our Fire Groups for specific HUD modes?
Lots of good changes, even some of the exploration improvements we've been asking for! Looking forward to testing it all tonight!
A few of my personal highlights ...

  • Added icon to info panel to show players if their ship or SRV lights are on
  • Planet surface signals are now targetable outside of Analysis mode
  • Added the number of bodies info to the 'Orbital Plane Established' alert
  • Changed the 'scenarios' section of the FSA to Concentrated signal sources and Transient signal sources
  • Added support for FSS tuning to be bound to inouts that don't auto-center
  • Now able to bind enter and exit FSS to the same button
  • Added a new space bar, "The Orange Sidewinder" …for real this time
  • Resource Extraction Sites should now appear in applicable areas of the game
  • Increase the thickness of orbit lines in the orrery view
  • Ensure players can fully zoom into bodies in the orrery view
Excuse me ...

  • Fixed race mission wrinkles appearing with very little time to complete them
The what now??
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