News Beyond - Chapter Four Livestream (01.11.2018) - Mining and Squadrons

Will Flanagan

Community Manager
Hello Commanders,

We’re excited to announce the date and details of the next Beyond - Chapter Four content reveal livestream. Tune in this Thursday with Community Manager Ed, Executive Producer Adam Woods and Senior Designer Adam Bourke-Waite, who will be giving you the rundown on new Mining improvements and the long-awaited Squadrons system!

Livestream details

  • Topic - Mining and Squadrons
  • Date – 01 November 2018
  • Time – 19:00 (UTC)
  • WhereClick here!
If you’re not able to catch the stream, don’t worry! We will be posting a recap of the all the content unveiled shortly after the livestream.

View our previous content reveals here: Exploration and the Background Simulation.

See you there!
Ed's back, but what's happened to Sandy? He often gets this sort of gig, but has the loach got him into more trouble than he can handle?

Looking forward to the next in the series :)
Should be a good one. Please show us the damage you can get if you get caught up in an explosion. Want to see the level of shenanigans that come with mining :)
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