News Beyond - Chapter Four Livestream (25.10.2018) - Background Simulation and Scenarios

Will Flanagan

Product Manager
Hello Commanders,

We’re excited to announce the date and details of our next Beyond - Chapter Four content reveal livestream. Tune in this Thursday with Community Manager Will, Executive Producer Adam Woods and Senior Designer Adam Bourke-Waite, who will be giving you the rundown on the changes coming to the Background Simulation and introducing new... Scenarios!

You’ll be able to uncover and explore this new content on the beta yourself on the 30 October!

Livestream details

  • Topic - Background Simulation changes and Scenarios
  • Date – 25 October 2018
  • Time – 18:00 (UTC)
  • WhereClick here!
If you’re not able to catch the stream, don’t worry! We will be posting a recap of the all the content unveiled shortly after the livestream.

See you there!

Robert Maynard

Volunteer Moderator
Very much looking forward to this stream.... :D

.... btw, loved the near instant official recap thread immediately after the last stream.
Hi Rob At Work,

Unfortunately, we can't bring the date forward. There will be a recap for those that aren't able to watch live, however! :)
Hi will don't worry just pm me the screenshots and videos you are going to share (probs best if you send them today) and I'll keep Rob at work updated.....

You're welcome
I hope you're going to be on time this week, Will. I know you were late getting home from school last week but tardiness is unacceptable and we'll tell the Teacher if you're late again!
Looks at Zonrts gif, This is how I felt when I saw no mention of the name Dav. I'll read the foot notes.

I did watch the last one but gave up when one of them couldn't say Honk. We all know its a honk, we all do the honk, for the love of god man just say honk.
Thanks for the update, Will. Looking forward to it. BTW, you really kept things on-target and moving forward last time! Kudos!!
Very much looking forward to Obsidian Ant's far more concise summary.
Here it a more concise concise one for you:

3 new type of mining guns/modules. New mining scanning.
Stuff to do with the BGS.
Stuff where you interact with stuff that lets you do stuff.
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