News Beyond - Chapter Four - Pre-Beta Announcement

So this will be going on for more than one week. Lets hope what's reported as broken actually gets fixed this time ....or no new features are added after the beta that dont get tested at all and end up broken.

*Crosses fingers for a properly implemented beta cycle *
Thanks Laurence and Will. Very exciting!

My first bug report will be the number 8 (), turned 90° under the surface probes counter that does not reduce when shooting probes [haha] :D
Kindly make all engineer mods worth 1 Iron (or whatever else that is easy to get\barter) and fill everyone's material storages.

Just so we wouldn't bug you about that later.

Oh, and 10% ship\module prices, too.

And please don't use fig leaves like "we haven't planned this for this beta, hurr durr". It's not even silly.
Nah, ran into a little snag with prefix permissions. Fixed now, made our two forums live.

Bah, there's not even a Known Issues list on the beta forum guidelines to read while we wait. Perhaps I should import a few from the future bug reports thread for amusement: "FSS marks location of Raxxla from half way across the galaxy"?
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