Beyond exploration: Mapping of planets and POIs: Treasure hunt proposal

From what I could grasp from the previous Beyond live stream was that after mapping a planet all POIs on that planet become selectable items appearing in the navigation panel. Flying to it is then (I presume) as simple as selecting and steering towards it. Like flying to a station or planetary installation.

Why not add some geo caching / treasure hunt gameplay here? Instead of revealing the exact location right away mapping a planet gives only the rough position. Like an area of say 100km^2. This area then needs to searched by other means (read: eyeballing, SRV wave scanner) to pinpoint the exact location of the POI.

As a seasoned barnacle hunter I can confirm it makes a huge difference whether you know if there is a barnacle down there somewhere or not. Currently, when giving up on area, there's this uneasy feeling whether it is really empty or I simply missed the barnacle. But with the mapping information this uncertainty doesn't exists.

Searching a canyon for barnacles takes about 10 - 20 minutes. Other POIs like geyser or fumaroles are probably similiar (I'm no expert here ;)) This time frame is IMO neither too long nor too short. Incorporating knowledge about where barnacles or other POIs are typically located adds even a little more depth to this kind of treasure hunt.

After all, Thargoids are formidable enemies so I wouldn't expect their facilities to be easily found [cool]
I have to say that as a follower of the barnacles sites, I have a huge respect for the efforts of those who have done the hard yards finding these things.

I gave it a go myself a few times, and it takes more patience than I can muster, and I have found none that weren't already found by others.

The new mechanic in the beta just feels extremely cheap.

Like having to eyeball a planet was obviously unreasonable, but for someone like me to be able to find their exact location with minimal effort seems too far the other way.

TOCOSO did some excellent concept work with this.
Ways to narrow the search area significantly, without just handing it all over as waypoints.

I think a handful of probes and EVERYTHING is revealed goes too far.

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