Beyond Horizon

Hey all CMDRs & FDev !

from what I saw of 3.3 FDev livestreams & BETA videos / players feedbacks I can say that Beyond will really fleshout numerous aspects of the game and add more life with the incoming scenarios, Thargoids incursions & CODEX (community exploration). Can't wait to try it myself (PS4 player so no BETA for me) !

Seriously FDev, you really did an amazing job with 3.3 and all the great livestreams =)

With all that said, the only aspect of the game I still feel would need some Beyond / love / fleshout is the gameplay around planetary surfaces.

I see so much potential with what we ALREADY have in the game...not talking about space legs or atmospheric planets here.

Would love to have more reasons to explore in SRV than rock shooting...

- underground caves on icy planets to explore in SRV where you can find rare relics or crystals
- fossiles stuck in the ice that you have to melt down with special SRV hardpoints to be able to collect
- remote and hard to reach places that require SRV skills to collect unique soil / rock samples
- volcanoes with lava streams that you have to avoid to collect samples
- crashed megaship that you can explore in SRV to collect data / materials in it that would require skill to drive in

And I could go on and on :D

Planetary overhaul will come later next year with fleet carriers but do we know if it'll be only visuals improvements (icy planets & bigger rock on rocky planets) or if it'll also add stuff / gameplay related to them ?

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