Beyond - Inside News (Interview with Ed Lewis)

A little breaking news from Mr Ed Lewis on this week's PB Podcast. In our 50 minute interview we got some insider information for you on Chapter One of Elite: Beyond

So, if you want to know the Chieftain's size and hardpoints, or more about Trade Data, GalNet Audio, Planetary Visuals and the rest of the upcoming update, check out the Discussion Dangerous section of S.2 Episode 8 of PbP - The Pixel Bandits' Podcast

Available on iTunes, or any good podcast app, and directly at
It starts at about 32 minutes.

- The Chieftain is reasonably affordable
- Hardpoints: 2 Large, 1 medium and 3 small (subject to change)
- It's a medium ship, bigger than the Asp Explorer
- Alliance ship
- No rank lock
- More maneuverable than you expect

Trade Data
- When you visit a system and anywhere where you've explored, you can access that data and it will be updated in real time.
- You can see it on the galaxy map and in the market.
- There's a search function based on where you previously visited.
- You can filter the data.

Wing Missions
- Share the rewards and challenge of missions.
- You can take wing missions as a solo player too.
- Missions can be completed in part. You can half of it, log off and do the second part the next day.
- In your wing if each player has 1 wing mission then everyone shares all the missions.

Crime & Punishment
- Sandro will explain the changes during the live stream.

The core changes will be beneficial to new players and veterans.

Planetary Visual Improvements
- There's more vibrancy and diversity on each planet with different shades of color.
- You can better see the history and geography from far away
- Form a distance you should be able to tell the surface type.
- You can look from a distance and get a better indication of types of minerals.

The base game gets Planetary Improvements, Crime & Punishment, Wing Missions etc.
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Medium pad, 2 Large, 1 Medium, 3 Small. Similar to FAS / Clipper. They say it is more agile than other ships of its size, more agile than a FAS?... Hard to believe.

Edited based on Ed Lewis below.
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Thanks for the update, Ed! Only one hardpoint off and we DID say it was subject to change!! :D :D

When did you say the full Chapter One release was, again? Slipped my mind....
A quick review: (ah ninja'd by Cosmo :)

Ed suggested there'd be three chapters for Elite Dangerous and E:D Horizons players (where applicable).

Chieftain - Medium landing pad ship. Mainly a combat ship. More maneouvarable than ships of a similiar size and will be available to all players who can afford to buy it. Not hundreds of millions. Two large hardpoints, one medium and three small. This will be available to owners of Horizons only.

Trade Data - Once visited system will you be able to access data in real time? Yes. You will be able to find data in galaxy map and using a search function for previously visited places. In Galaxy Map you'll be able to see data on a radius from your current location. Data will be back dated based on places you have visited previously.

Wing Missions - These can be taken as a solo player and can be part completed. For instance do cargo delivery mission, you could do half of it then log off and do the rest of it the next day. You can have in your wing if you have each have three people in a one wing, you are sharing all three of those missions. These will be availlable to owners of the base game.

Planetary Update: More variety in the vibrancy of the planet and more uniqueness to each planet. Colouration will 'perhaps give a greater impression by looking at the planet as to what substances it contains'. These changes will be visible to players of the base game from space.

Galnet Audio: Audio will be available at any time during play - possible with the exception of when a ship is in hyperspace - but not confirmed.

Paid Content: No details at the moment.
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