BGS - Trading / Smuggling : Decorrelate system source and goods when registering a BGS transaction

Today, Trading and smuggling, related to BGS transactions, are tagged by system source. For instance, if I mined 5 different material but from the same system, it would count as 1 transaction in the same system when I am selling them to BGS until I have emptied my cargo.

In order to tied more the BGS with other actions in the Elite universe, we need to have a decorrelation between system and goods. For instance :
  • Mining : if I am mining 5 different material, it should be registered at 5 different transactions.
  • Smuggling : Stolen goods from USS. If I am finding 10 different, it should be registered as 10 different transactions in BM.
  • Trading : Selling 4 different wares from same system source should give me 4 different transactions.
  • ....

Suggestion goal is to tied different game mechanics to each other in order to give players more opportunities to interact with their environment. Doing more meaningful actions, especially around the BGS. And it will give more variety to BGS and non BGS player more variety as everyone could interact.

NB : I know the BGS is borked nowdays but let's hope for better days.
So I mine 50 Painite and 50 LTD. I sell them at a station. In the current BGS, that registers as a single transaction but in your idea it registers as 2.

So what would this actually do?

Jane Turner

Volunteer Moderator
Halve the amount of work you have to do to influence the BGS via mining, but still leave it as a slightly inefficient way of manipulating influence
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