Big pastel Cake!

I absolutely love it! [yum]

See, guys, there's a bit more versatility with these new pieces. You're not just confined to a Christmas theme! There's more too, trust me.

This should be a great inspiration to anyone who likes the CandyLand theme.

You can either have it plopped to the ground or maybe make a cake stand for it (and guests can walk under it [tongue]? And maybe have some concession stands arranged in a circular fashion?) I think there are enough circular objects in the game to make a realistic-looking one.
Yes, I had thought of make cake plate somehow, maybe out of circles, to make scalloped edge.

And thank you!!
Today I made another cake, a 3-tier cake this time.

Very similar in style as the first one but still nice enough. :)

Then I went on making a cake dish. Not too happy with it. Then I placed one of the cakes and whoops. Bits visible underside!! The sunk down bits!! Maybe I have to rethink the whole thing. Make the dish a little more intricate and flourished underside, deeper.. hmm. :D

Looking ok....

But, neeh.

Link to my workshop page:
*Cut a quarter slice and gives to cerealfruitcakes* :D (because there's no smaller in PC hahaha)

I made a shop building today, with 6 units. 2 toilets and 4 shops. Shape? Cake of course! Rectangular in shape.
Workshop link in prev post.

It's hard to not come across as a whiteknight when there's a female poster. But I have to say, great execution with the cake stand, better than how I described it in my first post and what I could have imagined.

Are you just limiting yourself to the new scenery objects? Or are you planning to mix other sets around?
Oh wow, those are amazing.

I actually really like how the pieces sticking out look like a little skirt on the cake dish :)
love the pastel theme - great job. I've been out of town and haven't had any time to play with the new pieces.
I haven't had much chance to really play around with all of the new things in the Winter Update yet, but man am I excited to after seeing these! They look like so much fun and have given me ideas for the park that I am building!
These are really great, well done
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