Big pastel Cake!

Thank you so much Big Draco and wowman!!! Your praise make me feel better. I was a little sad about the lack of attention it got when I churned out so many objects, ha ha! I am making more, it hasn't stopped yet. ;)
Now I want cake, but it's 2:15am and where do I find cake at this time.

I'm surprised to see hardly any parks in the workshop when searching for "candyland" and limiting tags to park.

I like the idea of making a candyland park, and may give it a shot soon. I'm thinking a magic faraway tree kind of deal, 'Land of Goodies' where the whole park is at the top of a giant tree.
I haven't done any park so far. I have just made those items in the collection that I use sometimes. i would love to see people's use of those stuff. [heart]

The idea is to continue and make more stuff. For example more flat ride skins. But of course I get bored by just building, ha ha. So far the pieces are pretty much basegame-only (no dlc) but I might start using the vintage dlc bits.
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