Big THANKS to Ms.RedNebula, S•Dan•Wolf and all the great TMTK-artists

Most of those who know me since RCT times know that Shrek movies have always been my absolute favorites. (I really hope that the long-announced 5th movie will be realized soon).

I have already "tried" in RCT3 to replicate the story of Shrek's films in a park. But I have never been so close to "Far Far Away" as in PlanCo. Many thanks to the many creators of the Thememaker's Toolkit objects who have contributed to making my idea a little more realistic every day.

As Patreon of S • Dan • Wolf, I was allowed to wish for a building or vehicle. I wished for the school bus from "Shrek The Third" and the result is just great. Thanks a lot for this.

Ms.RedNebula's Tutorial Thememaker's Toolkit videos also helped me to upload my first, albeit not yet perfect, object in PlanCo (the much to big Farbucks sign). I can only recommend these simple, fantastically explained videos to anyone who has not yet dared to create objects in Blender. Thank you for the help.
I would love to see the "Welcome to Dulak, such a welcome place..." machine. (With soundtrack of course!)
It's on my list, I have a model of it from McFarlane Toys, but my Blender skills are just at the beginning, so it will take a while



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I'd love to see a 'Welcome to Duloc' machine in Planet Coaster. Good luck to everyone who's going to try and make one! :D

That is awesome! I love Shrek, it's great to see more creations from it come to life! I'm glad I could be of help, the sign looks great! :D
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