Billboard Videos.

I could not find a place to post, these on steam. so I just decided to post them here.
they are designed to play on the 32 meter Lit Projection screen.

There are 2 webm (videos) 30 seconds in length.
They are designed to work in a Dark ride primarily,
There is 1 forward view where you can make your coaster boost through the screen at the end. (23 meg)
And a Side view version that you watch as your coaster comes to a halt in the (dark) ride. (35 meg)

The Left view can be rotated to fit on the right side of the tunnel.

You can make screens/billboards non collision in the settings.


you can see them here.

Download links are in the Videos.
they are on two different hosts so you don't have to wait to download the next one.

any problems or a better place to post them, please let me know.
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