birds i like to see in the game

I vote for helmeted guineafowls 😃
There was just a news story a couple weeks ago here in southern Florida that a man was killed by his helmeted fowl that he kept as a pet. I'll dig around to see if I can find the story easily.


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The H.guineafowl is also a Galliformes, same family as chickens and turkeys but these birds specifically are from Africa. Cassowary are ratites same family as Ostriches and Emus but Cassowary's are from New Guinea and Australia. So yes very different birds, the Cassowary has a large "knife", like a dinosaur raptor claw as one of its digits on the inside of the foot which can disembowel people. They are considered dangerous because if they become territorial or spooked they can jump and kick slicing open the person, they will also stomp on prey so hard to kill them like large rodents etc. but they will also eat a lot of fruit and are responsible for the growth of rainforests. Awesome bird.
In PlanCo we have all the little free birds. Something, I didn't have currently seen on picture from PlanZoo. Strange that free bird landing in a Theme Park, but not in a Zoo.
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