Black Birds Squadron


Foundation: January 2015
Active ingame: since August 2015
Implemented ingame: October 2015
Systems: Munfayl (HQ), Crevit, Erisagirari, GD1192, HK Aquarii, HR 197, Lushu, Shangdi, (systems details)
Faction: Independant
Government: Dictatorship
Name of the Minor Faction: Black Birds Consilium
Founder & Leader: CMDR Aymerix
Nationality: France
Member of the French Coalition
Bulletin Board (a new developped tool for influence):
Our Newspaper:
Graphic Ressources:


We have 2 subgroups:
Black Birds Auxilary: An open and free group. Not specialized. Not necessary to participate in official missions. Open / Private Groups
Black Birds Squadron: A restricted and very selective group, play in Open, Specilized in fight. PvP 30 pilots max. Officials missions


Twitter: @BB_Consilium
Facebook: Blackbirdsgroup
Forum (french Coalition):
Pinterest: Graphic ressources
Youtube: Black Birds Playlist


Since their foundation, the Black Birds are fighting against the Thargoids. Their only goal is to eliminate the Alien and protect humanity.


Black Birds is a secret squadron the functioning of which is based on former traditions and chivalrous rites. Black Bird’s pilots are tenacious both in their commitment and in their mission. They are as well demanding with them the same, as merciless with them enemies. Their economy is based on their activities of mercenaries so independent as opportunist. They are sold to the highest bidder and perform the missions which no other one pilots would accept.


View the interactive organigram :


Translation (with thanks), CMDR Khoriss

The story of Black Birds consists of two periods ( 2 books). The former period and the period which followed the " big reform ".

Book 1 / Former period
At the origin this secret group was created by 3 factions (Alliance, Empire and Federation) during the war against Thargoïds. Every faction sent a mercenary, the most dangerous which they were able to find, to establish the group and the squadron. We then called these 3 mercenaries, 3 founders. Black Birds acted in the shade during the war against Thargoïds in parallel to the officials missions and of researches for the INRA. Black Birds performed the most secret missions. The group was managed by an administrative structure (but not lucrative): Black Birds Consillium.
After the war, the group became independent and became a group of mercenaries performing dangerous missions for those who had enough to buy themselves their services. The pilots were selected in terrible conditions, and lived aside and without contact with the world: in the "nest". Their organization and their functioning were strongly inspired by the chivalrous traditions. The only contact with the humanity were made through Consillium.
The end of this period was marked by the war against the " Green Zebras ", a group of destroyers having only a single purpose: make any economy collapse and political governments to make reign the anarchy and the terror. During the Battle of Lugh, Black Birds was beaten and one almost decimated. They withdrew, and left in abeyance during of very numerous years.

Book 2 / Current time
Very recently, Black Birds Consillium, organization which manages and finances the Black Birds Squadron, decided to reactivate the group. He proceeded to the recruitment of new pilots then operated a "Big Reform", more adapted to the current world. The pilots have no more the same constraints, or the same obligations. They have, however, the same values and the same worship of the fight and the piloting, for example : if 2 CMDR does not agree, they organize a duel in Sidewinder to decide.
Thus Black Birds is building up itself a new base, a new "nest". They have again Technodons, these brilliant and mystic mechanics who prepare their vessels for the fight. Missions for traders or for companies needing pilots were afraid of nothing, etc.
But especially, Black Birds gets ready for the big fight, for their enemy of always … Thargoïds!

Organization and functioning :
The CMDR of Black Birds is called of Rapture. The name of Rapture is given to the pilots of the squadron which has the "competent" level in fight (it is not possible to enter at Black Birds if you have not the level 4 minimum).
The BBS (Black Birds Squadron) organize an official mission a week on Sundays evenings (information meeting at 9 :00 pm and game at 9:30 pm (FR)). They train to fly and to fight in formation under the orders of a leader. This mission allows to gain points (for ranks) and medals. They observe a big rigor in mission and take care, at the moment, mainly with bounty hunting, the wanted players or PK, but also with escorting the merchants during the CG, etc. Their services are not free. The BBS plays in Open.
Every member has to obtain a number of points of missions to stay "active" within Back Birds.
Every official mission gives rise to a history (a context, a background) and an mission report published on the site at the end of the mission. It allows to create a background for the members of the group and give them the feel that they are a member of an overall, a history in line with the universe and the events of Elite.


January 2016


The Edward Lewis (Rapture XXXVI) mug Collection

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Hello everyone, I am very happy to give you good news of our group.

  • There are now more than 30 CMDR in the Black Birds Squardon
  • We participate in official missions every week : you can read our mission reports (also available in pdf)
  • The first 5 chapters are available in our RP . Soon in English, promised
  • New medals and riibons for our pilots
  • Our group has an embassy on : INARA, Ed-Board, visit us whenever you want

Fly Safe CMDR :)

Mission Report :

View attachment 61928

New medal :

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Old (first) official trailer
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This is a great group :D
Every week, there is a special mission made for the role-play :)
And i love the purpose of the group : defending the humanity :D
Hello teammates . We are ready to face our enemy . Face death if necessary .
We are the black -birds.
We are the frontier.
The last trailer (created by CMDR Adam Jensen - Rapture XXXIV) is available:

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Let me introduce you to the official representative of the Black Birds.
Alvina de Messalina is the spokeswoman of the Black Birds Consilium our minor faction ingame. She is the only known face of the Black Birds Consilium
She was kidnapped on March 2. (Vox Veritas News)

Alvinia is 54 years old, white hairs, blue eyes. Daughter of wealthy industrialists, she was educated in "the hard way". She's very cultivated. She always dresses chic with a red note in memory of the blood of his great-grandparents.

Alvina De Messalina (created with the EVE character engine):

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Congratulations to the French community and to all your Commanders from the German-speaking commmunity! o7

I am very happy we both made it into phase 2 of the wildcard games :)

We will celebrate together with you regardless of the outcome of the challenge :D
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A Black HQ Station for the Black Birds (Samson / Munfayl). ;) Thank you Frontier! (2.2 feature)

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