Black borders on 2560x1080 monitor?

I recently reinstalled ED and when I boot up the game, I see two sizeable black borders on the sides of my screen. For some reason, the game will not display in the full resolution and I have no issues in any other title. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Are you talking about the main menu or actually when in-game? The main menu does not scale to 21:9 (or any other format other than 16:9) because it's a video. The game is compatible with 21:9 so should be ok except for things like the map sidebars and pop-ups.
Did you ever find a fix for this? Mine started doing it recently, I hadn't changed any setting prior, and when I did it lowered the overall resolution but still filled the screen. Right now, Anything smaller than the screen resolution has the black box around it. Usually it would auto-adjust my monitor to whatever setting I had the game running at.
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