Black market sales no longer hurting BGS?

I’m trying to turn a system at the edge of the bubble anarchy. It’s currently democracy. I’ve been smuggling illegal goods to the main factions station. However, their security has only increased and they are now in boom. Their influence does not seem to be effected. By the traffic report I’ve confirmed that yesterday I was the only ship that entered the system. Has the BGS changed?
I think it's good that you tried smuggling. This makes the result more clean - unless you've performed any other actions in that system. It would be nice to see if you could reproduce this to be extra sure that smuggling no longer has any effect. I think having the security increase is kind of a sensible thing to happen (just intuition wise) but a boom certainly should not happen.
i have been smuggling in a system not too far from Eravate. it sees some traffic and it seems that every rando that comes through is doing missions for the controlling faction that is in boom. the only way i can get their influence to go down is to smuggle or murder their faction ships. i do not murder any longer and have focused exclusively on smuggling.

i do think that the only way smuggling seems to have negative influence on the controlling faction is if i make a profit on the Black Market sale.
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