Blackout flatride

I just want to say I love the Blackout flatride. It is just like the Space Shuttle in Theme Park! Brings back fond childhood memories.

I know people do want more generic flat rides, but we have had quite a few lately and I think it is nice to have the odd themed one. Things that cannot be achieved for the general player. My nearest amusement park, while not following a particular theme has many themed flat rides. Also it encourages creativity. I always like a balance of both. [happy]
Yeah, the space Shuttle was a nice surprise yesterday. I didn't even recognise the connection to ye olde Theme Park there, well spotted! :)

I think it is very hard to design a neutral swinging ship that doesn't resemble a vessel in some form, and I like how they didn't go for yet another pirate ship. Funnily enough, the RCT1+2 ship (although based on a different ride from a different manufacturer) resembled a Shark in my imagination, and then there was that Chinese Junkship thing in the RCT2 expansion we shall not speak of. RCT3's Ranger looked more like a 70's sci-fi rocket.
In a video (the one from E3 that Joël posted ?) I heard Sam say the Blackout was going to be a pirate ship...
Well well, was this an honest mistake or did he have a little fun ? Very cunning Sam [pirate] [happy]

I applaud any themed ride that is added - I'd like a whole lot more of them.
Just too bad sci-fi is my least favourite theme. [big grin] On the other hand, from first impression, I didn't think it looked too obviously sci-fi.
In a video (the one from E3 that Joël posted ?) I heard Sam say the Blackout was going to be a pirate ship...
Well well, was this an honest mistake or did he have a little fun ? Very cunning Sam [pirate] [happy]

I applaud any themed ride that is added - I'd like a whole lot more of them.
Just too bad sci-fi is my least favourite theme. [big grin] On the other hand, from first impression, I didn't think it looked too obviously sci-fi.
Never heard of space pirates?? [haha]
For me this is my biggest gripe of the update.. As much as I loved the new biome, the fireworks, billboards, paintable wooden supports.. and as much as I appreciate the work that Frontier is doing.. I am so disappointed in the choice of flat rides in the game. The Iron claw is decent, but I have absolutely no use for the observation tower, and was really hoping for something better with Blackout instead.. it's themed to a space shuttle. TO me this makes it highly unusable for about.. let's say 70% people.. unless you are doing a recreation of a specific park that has that specific ride.. or your doing a sci fi section or something this just seems like such a let down. The coaster's were meh as well. Just switching trains on tracks isn't a new coaster. I shouldn't complain because it's free, and we are getting other great things with this but all I want.. is some great flat rides and some new great coasters. The bobsled coasters.. a wild mouse, Premier SKy Rocket II, S+S 4D... there ar eso many great ones to choose from. In flat rides.. a bigger carousel, THunderbobs, Paratrooper.. I could go on and on.. as well as people want a giant flume.. and more dark ride tracks. I would also prefer none of them be themed to something specifically.. IE.. a ******* Space Shuttle. If you are building a wild west park.. how in the hell does a space shuttle fit that. Instead your limited to very few other rides. and of course the Tower rides are WAY too tall.. but at least they are looking into that.

sigh... It's great some of you love the space shuttle I suppose.. but for most of us. It will never be used in most any park we create. Basically.. there was like one coaster .. and really just for the train.. that I'd use and maybe Iron Claw.. nothing else is usable for me at all in the rides department in this update and I am extremely disappointed in this.

But, on the bright side.. the other things are awesome. So again thanks Frontier for the hard work, but please.. think more about the flat rides to make them usable by more than.. 10 people. Almost all of the updates we have had so far have been 50/50. Ohh we get this.. but.. ohh we didn't get this :( or a design decision... IE A ******* space shuttle.. caused something to be excited about, turn into a huge disappointment. I know I'm being harsh but I am sooo really really disappointed in this more so than anything else you guys have done. I know i'm just one person but I think I'm not the only one who feels this way. I do LOVE this game. it's mostly all I play but I'm just starting to feel very let down lately by the lack of good flat ride options.

Here's to the next update though and hoping my voice isn't going unheard. Thank you guys.
You are seriously over-stating things in your post. The game is being made for 700k players, not just you and the few people who want all flat rides to be generic on this forum. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean others won't (as seen in this thread). To say it's unusable for 70% of/most players is ridiculous (in certain parks it may look out of place but there's around 40 flats so you're never going to use them all at once anyhow). You want certain things in the game and some rides/features may get added that you won't use well that applies for everyone - you win some you lose some. You state you understand you're just one person and you think others feel the same but by the same token if they gave us a generic Blackout skin others would believe it or not prefer it the way it's going to be implemented. If you think everything that is added is going to be designed specifically just for you then you're going to be disappointed continuously.
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Ok then... Theme this space shuttle for an Alpine park like I'm creating.., theme it to a wild west park.. theme it to a fantasy area.. candy land.. mountain park (ie Silver Dollar CIty/Dollywood... Pirates park even. And by theme it to that I don't mean forcing it to work with a very stupid idea. Ohh well yes the entire park is medieval except this ride where the aliens landed here.. So that leaves you with basically.. something sci fi or Nasa themed, or a very very generic park. I just ruled out approximately 70% of parks that most people do. I'm not saying it doesn't look great I'm saying it's just not useable for most people. I've discussed this already with others and we all feel the same way. I'm not saying the game has be designed around my specific needs. I'm saying don't design things around one specific theme. We have no collision detection now which means make it generic.. we can theme it ourselves. Rides with very specific themes were the bane of many RCT3 players. Luckily after 10 years we finally got custom flat rides. Blackout can pretty much only be used in very specific situations and that's why I am highly disappointed.

The funny thing is.. over the weekend we were joking around in my twitch stream that they will probably make it sci fi themed... had no idea that joke would become real.

Honestly.. I really really really hate this ride. To me it says everything about the game we don't want. It limit's creativity, and it limits usability.

But hey.. to you guys that like it. More power to you.
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I get where you're coming from and I agree that themed flats can sometimes be disappointing. For me I like to embrace it as I haven't spent much time on SciFi (SF) so it is giving me creative juices to tackle a park or area that is SF instead of skipping it in favour of another theme. I also think SF is highly lacking in content when it comes to rides, obviously the no collisions has changed that a lot but I think new flats that are themed aren't so bad now we have a good selection to choose from as opposed to when PC first dropped, so bring it on I say. [up]

Have fun! [big grin]
From Wikipedia:

"The Looping Starship is an amusement ride manufactured by Intamin of Switzerland. The ride is a swinging ship that can spin a complete 360-degree revolution. The ride has been modified with custom theming to resemble a number of different vehicles, including a Space Shuttle, a fighter jet, an Egyptian cargo ship, and a Looney Tunes ACME Rocket."

These rides were mainly built in the mid to late 80's and it looks like most of them were built with either the space shuttle or pirate ship theme. My home park of Six Flags Great America had a space shuttle themed one built in a Mardi Gras area. How would you make this generic other than a non-themed boat looking vessel? I for one am very happy with this addition. As has been stated before though, why couldn't Frontier give us a drop down menu to pick from a couple of vessels?
The coaster's were meh as well. Just switching trains on tracks isn't a new coaster.

Just wanted to say I'm pretty sure that it was mentioned in the stream they added those because it was requested by players.

And yes, of course they should keep adding generic rides, and no doubt they will... It's practically a given.
To me however, themed ones are equally important/wanted. Themed rides can really look a-ma-zing. I really enjoyed the ones in RCT3. They are part of the fun for me. Plus it's nice not having to dress up every ride to fit in a themed area but let the ride itself be the decoration - and a unique looking one! You could look at it as welcoming choices, bringing even more variation in your themed areas --> not having to use the same pieces of themed scenery every single time.
You complain that they can only be used in a specific area, to me, that same fact makes it better [wink]

Anyway, don't worry about generic rides, it would be very odd if they don't add more of those.
I too was a bit disappointed with the Blackout. I would have rather had the Viking ship, as a bunch of parks in the US have that model. But I guess they figured that we already have the swinging pirate ship, so they gave us a space shuttle this time. The inverted ship in RCT 1-3 is based on the Huss Ranger with a curved caged ship with a single arm for support. I'm making a fake Ranger in PC using art shapes and other pieces because I need it for a retro park recreation I'm making of a now defunct seaside pier park in NJ. The pier had the Ranger from 1982 to the early 90's.
Hey Wingardium :D Yes i love the New Blackout very much too :D I love that we have another themed Flatride in the Game.

I didn't play as much Themepark back in the Day as i played the RCT Series. To those nay sayers:

Remember, the Pirate Ship? Nobody was bloody angry about a themed Pirate Ship as i recall. Why this time? It is for those who have fond Memories of another classic game. But alas, people find a way to talk smack about stuff. Every time. To me the Blackout will be versatile enough thank you very much.

Thank you Frontier for that awesome upcoming update :D
why couldn't Frontier give us a drop down menu to pick from a couple of vessels?
Oh yes! That is the ultimate dream: a generic version with a drop down menu for all themes!
(or well, at least a couple of choices - may be even nice to have a couple of choices in the same theme, I'm not too picky [big grin])

Who knows, maybe the cosmetic dlc is something along these lines...
Yea, different skins for rides would be a great way to introduce micro-transactions to the game since these don't lock people out of any content from the Workshop.
I would pay for these options yeah.. as Robert K said.. the Huss Ranger is what I was expecting with Blackout. and I get Insanity is kinda like that. But then again Sundial is similar to Iron Claw.. I would prefer a lot more different flat rides. I think a generic one is the better option to go with and let us theme them ourselves, and then as said previously. Maybe make 2 other versions of the same ride that are themed. The ride will still function the same it will just have a different skin. If this think had been more of a retro sci fi rocket ship I probably wouldn't be as upset.. but.. it's a ******* space shuttle. I don't really care how they were originally made for whatever six flags park got the first one. There are other versions.. generic versions that would be a better choice. If it had been a pirate ship.. even that's usable for more than just pirates.. that could also be used in a few different scenarios.

I am complaining yes... but I'm just saying this was a huge disappointment to me in this update. We just aren't getting awesome flat rides like I thought we would be seeing. It's great that they are listening to us though.. it's awesome we got a lot of things we are looking for in the game. I even got one of the biggest things I've wanted since the beta.. paintable wooden coaster supports. The custom biome is also fantastic. Props to Frontier for all of that. I just really think there is a big blank space for flat rides. I'll continue playing the game as I have been.. I love the game. I just want more variety in the flats that we can actually use. Pathos was cool, not really my thing. Iron claw as well. But a space shuttle just doesn't fit very many parks, and is impossible to retheme to anything else than a space shuttle. Again.. you guys can enjoy your six flags recreations with this thing. Myself .. and I know others as well. Will not be using it. At least there's all the other great things in this update though to help with the letdown, once again.. of flat rides.