Elite / Frontier Blast From the past... Elite 2 "High Frontier"

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really? it works for me.
in fact it is hard not to get sucked in with 1000s of quality retro magazines
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A couple more retro reads for you all to enjoy -

Amiga Format reviewed the game in its Christmas 1993 edition - issue 54, pages 62-64.

ST Format carried a nice 5 page preview feature on Elite 2 in issue 54, Jan 1994. There's a nice online PDF of the magazine here: http://www.atarimania.com/mags/pdf/atari-st-format-issue-054.pdf (Pages 23-27)

And there was a follow up article (following a nice double page advert) in Amiga Format issue 57, March 1994 which interviewed/skewered DB about all of the alleged bugs that players were reporting in the game... https://archive.org/details/Amiga_Format_Issue_057_1994-03_Future_Publishing_GB/page/n41
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