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Park Expansion Finally Begins.

Hi everyone.
After 6 months of no progress, Blast Point Resort is happy to announce it's new area is finally underway.
I'll hopefully get some momentum with this park and not get so distracted all the time with other projects.

Heavy equipment is starting to appear on-site.

And there was a little ground-breaking ceremony before work begins fully.

There's no details released yet, but it's going to change the view from the hotel
Hotels are one of those things that I'm really hoping they put in. I was going to recreate Cedar Point with hotels included, but I don't want to do that until some kind of hotel feature was added in.
Good to see this is getting expended. It's a great park but needs more stuff ;)
You're not wrong. It certainly isn't a fun-filled day out at the moment, unless your idea of fun is spending most of the day standing in the queue for Nightshade. [haha]

[up][up][up][up][up][up] looking forward to the updates Nemmie!
Thanks buddy. I hope you'll like this video then [wink]

Uhm i feel slightly guilty having you distracted from your Park and Projects Nemmie [where is it]
HA HA! Don't be daft. I really loved doing the stuff I did for your collab park. It was an honour to do them [big grin]

YAY!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
HE HE Thanks

I love that park[big grin][up][up][up]
Thank you so much

Hotels are one of those things that I'm really hoping they put in. I was going to recreate Cedar Point with hotels included, but I don't want to do that until some kind of hotel feature was added in.
Working hotels would be great. This one was built at the start of April, last year so it's vey Alpha. I'd not seen anyone else build one when I built this. It's had a couple of slight refurbs and the lobby is about to get it's 4th make-over[wacky]

You should do a firework show to celebrate the new lands and attractions at your mountain when they are ready^^[big grin]
That's a brilliant idea. I'd have to be careful where I place the mortars though as there's supposed to be "The Point" fine restaurant with it's sky deck half way up the rock. It would be a Health and Safety nightmare with the diners being more flambéed than the food.[wink]

Blast Point Resort released a little teaser video today to show things are finally happening. And I was teased. You all know how much I like trucks :)
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New Area Under Construction

It's been a long, long time since we've been here. After many side projects, a false start in June and an all consuming Summer Competition park that pretty much kept me engrossed for 5 months, work has finally begun on the new area at Blast Point Resort.

Loads of ground work has been done and concrete channels have started to appear.

No theme has been hinted at yet, but these rapids are going to be fun

The station's foundations are in and the cement is nearly all down for it.

It goes quite near the river separating the hotel from the park. The footers are in for some structure too.

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the construction looks great - love that you take the time to basically build this 2x.
Thanks. Yes. I started out planning just to do the concrete sides to make it look more realistic, and then it kinda got out of control. It's like those stupid coaster lights on Summer Screams all over again [wacky][big grin] When the ride opens, I'll delete the concrete below the waterline to cut down the object count though

Oh, amazing you're back on the park :)
Really beautiful the construction sites you created! Amazing work buddy!
Thanks Tom. And yep, I finally got my finger out and started back on the park. [big grin]

All the track for the new rapids is now in. Work has started on the station and the lift hills have also been installed.

The station, and towards the back, behind the spiral,a temporary bridge has been placed over the track for works access to the middle of the site.

The lifthill back to the station and the crane to lower the rafts in can be seen. The drainage pool on the left is still empty.

Now all the theming and surrounding area can start. Yay!
I'm finally back with this project after not playing Planco between January and June.
I promise you all, and myself, I'll stick with it now. I started this expansion a year ago and then I always get distracted. I'm helping one of our esteemed members with his big project at the moment, but I'll keep up with this too.

Things are finally going up at Blast Point Resort.
The framework for the station building is rising above the area.

It looks like it's going to be an interesting shape

The hotel guests will be getting a lovely view of.....a construction site. Lucky them

Scaffolding has gone up around the station

And now they're starting to cover it all. It looks like they are literally keeping the station building , under wraps

Hi Nemmie :) Love the way you have shared your photo's over the past year. They really are telling a story about the making of this beautiful park.

Can't wait to see more :)
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