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Thank you so much for the feedback, everyone. It's really nice to know that you are enjoying the SLOW progress this park is having ;)

Here's a little something to show that things are happening. What will be the area's new restaurant has started to go up. Behind the screened scaffolding, the main structure of the station building is pretty much done. That was the most difficult and complex thing I've ever attempted to build in Planco. It's all curved surfaces and weird angles. I can't wait for it all to be revealed.
I love that you take the time for these construction shots. It really adds to the build time, but does tell a great story. I would never have the patience to do this.


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Thanks for continuing to share your work with us, Nemmie <3

I love the efforts and realism that you put into your park. The park is literally being constructed :D
Another 6 months has gone by without me touching this park. I had a big setback when my D Drive died and I lost loads of stuff I'd been working on for months for this project for something really special. So I couldn't face carrying on with it for a good while. Hopefully, I can get the data retrieved at some point. I decided to bite the bullet and give it another go. Here's what you missed.

This is the small update I should have posted in November

The restaurant building has had it's flat roof put on and has been sealed against the weather

Now the rapids lift hill is started to be closed in.

And this is what I've done over the last couple of days.

Picking up the pieces and dusting myself off, here we go again...................
The glazing has arrived for the new restaurant. I don't know why the idiots took all the protective boxing off the the glass before they got it off the truck.

The first one is in. Let's hope they don't break any

All the glass is now in and has been covered to protect it while the building is completed. The first of the restaurant's towers is finally being installed

The top goes on which shows it's a clock tower

It's the first part of the new area which hints what it may all look like. And in the background, the rapids lift-hill has been closed in with a rendered covering.

A load more scaffolding goes up.

The skilled workers paint and clad the render to look like rock. The restaurant gets the top of it's 2nd dome. Things are now really starting to take shape.

Even Blast Point Resort is celebrating a little bit of progress. YAY!!

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