Blatant Corruption at Witch Head and Other Damaged Stations

It has been clear to those of us supporting the relief of Ezra Point, then all the other damaged stations in the Witch Head Nebula, that the Station Controllers are corrupt: they are allowing donations of commodities to pass by unchecked, unaccounted for, uncounted in the sum totals of delivered loads from sterling commanders doing their earnest trade between stations at short and long distances.

This corruption has to stop.

It was first highlighted by Op Ida, who were working hard at repairing damaged stations, and their accountants noticed "slippage" in goods delivered, and goods recorded.
It is understood that FD finally admitted to this in-game "corruption" but, so far, have evidently not stamped it out. So this has caught on among controllers in the Witch Head.

Could we have a priority inquiry into this blatant corruption at stations .... it is very disheartening for commanders to be rewarded with this kind of attitude where goods, instead of being delivered to the rightful recipients, "fell off the back of the yellow truck, Guv."

A skim through the latest posts in the Enclave thread will show that it is clearly evident and needs a fix, with the criminals locked up.

FD .... you are slow at fixing this ... please deliver a result if you can !
Op IDA here
Thank you soooo much. Being the big station repair group, it is only right that we help anyone interested in what have been doing the last 1 1/2 years. Here is the link to our website where you can find our spreadsheet, discord, see our history etc. This is the links to the bug report. & Both reports have been acknowledged by Fdev with report 164 having the most votes and filling the entire pyramid
Of course the station control, docking officials and cargo handlers are corrupt, all of them are. There's barely any civilization in a place like Witch Head nebula. Then you have highsec fed systems like Sol with surveillance everywhere, but everybody is owned by corporations. It's always the same.
Witch Head. Memories of a few years ago. Some of us took combat ships out there to defend against what was in Col 70. Do some scouting too. We found little but pain, some died, we did what we could. Sirius Corp have it controlled, couldn't stop the convoys, they had to have help from PF cos we couldn't follow them in there.

I went around the back to try and find a way in, found nothing, no path, no allies. We pulled back and I went out further. I've never been the same since.
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