What would happen if you did use the new blender 2.8 beta would it not import into the toolkit or planet coaster right?
just try it out and see what happens!
Should gamer2456 try this out by himself ior did you mean in your answer, that you want try it out and tell us the result.

I have installed Blender 2.8 Beta today on my computer and start now to model my own objects in Blender (can't help myself, but I find anything in the new Blender is much easier to handle, especially for Blender Newbies). from that point I would also like to know, if I can import models from 2.8 Beta in the TMT.
There shouldn't be any difference for exported files. Just make sure your model complies with the toolkit guidelines, export fbx, and that's it. :)


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yes it should work. Software is upgraded all the time. It’s still blender. You can still model, get the textutes, LOD’s and other limitation in. i agree u should test it out.

The only difference I've found in 2.8 is that it parents meshes to armature differently, so when applying the rotation to the armature it affects the mesh by the same amount. Which makes rotation -90deg around x-axis a pain for export - whereas in 2.79 the application of the rotation to the armature carries through.
Now that I got my first theme set out, I am tempted to get the beta because I expect there will be a bit of re-learning involved.
It is good, and has a lot more features than 2.79. Quite a lot of tutorial video's out for it too, but I have gone back to 2.79 for my latest project - only because it is more familiar.
The blender element is fine....and much easier to use, however without the ascii export option for the FBX files, I'm finding it's not so useful for animated objects. As I can't repeat things that I know work from 2.79
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