Blueprint series update

Any chance you could have the blueprints uploaded without any of the text on them? just for background image. They are damn good man!!
Love these blueprints, they're so needful.

If Fdev offered these as prints they'd be great to have in poster sizes... hint hint.
As far as I understood the rules, you are free to print this stuff (or have it printed by a professional) as big and shiny as you want as long as you are not selling it.
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Oh man ... do it! Just google "create your own wall mural", there's loads of places that'll do it for you. Stitch a bunch of your favourite blueprints together into one big image ... job done. Post pictures once it's up.


It's definitely something I'm thinking about.. lol..
That seems a lot. We got a full wall mural of lake Garda and it cost about £150.
That was just a random site I found - you design your own mural, sizes, types etc.. that was the cheapest, lol.

I found on place locally; they want about £16sq/m - my wall is about 12.5sq/m - £200*. It's a fair amount of money; but it would have to be really nice for me to do it .. I really do like the idea of a Farragut BP taking up the entire wall though .. wow.

( * Using GBP for ease of understanding as I'm in South Africa )
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