Bob the Keelback - Memorial run to Beagle Point

Day 10. - 12. July 3302

Today Tom met CMDR Wer Nur and CMDR Guy De Lombard first he met CMDR Wer Nur...

...and they did compare how big a Keelback looks really close to an Anaconda...

...with a hangar a little bit bigger... Tom would fit in.

Later CMDR Guy De Lombard arrived...

...also with an Anaconda.

Together they tried to fly in a formation...

it took some time but in the end they made these nice photos.

Tom really hopes that Jaques Station will be reapaired soon...

...and later they did fly to the sun to make more nice pictures...

Hopefully more CMDR's will help Jaques in his situation...

...because sometimes, Time runs out...

... and we dont even know it.

If you want Tom to visit a special place or meet you -if you are out there- make a suggestion! Tom is currently at Jaques Station.
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I also just wanted to say thank you for letting me participate in your adventure. Taking pictures was nice, but let me say sorry for my non-existing formation flying skills :) (i promise, my next CMDR will take proper classes in a Federal flight school - unlike CMDR WER NUR - who only attended to about 40% of the courses in "Slick's Professional Flight School" at Trevithick Dock in LHS 3447). So, "Tom", fly safe and happily towards Beagle Point! Bon Yoyage :)
I would wait until Tuesday at the latest to see if repair facilities come back online at Jaques. There are rumours that a month-long CG might be needed to fully repair the station but I know many commanders have been delivering meta-alloys over the last week or two so I'm hoping that something will change early this coming week. I should arrive tomorrow with a full hold of MAs myself and I think many of those out here would like for their activities to be able to affect things without needing a CG. If it doesn't happen, though, I would make sure you get enough jumponium to get you to Beagle Point whilst there are miners around to help you: there's no guarantee you'll meet anyone with a mining laser between Jaques and your destination. Put a post in the Exploration subforum asking for help gathering materials, and/or one of the Jaques station threads ( ) and there will be people willing to assist. If not then give me a call; I'll mine them for you.
Getting to BP and back with 42% hull and no shields is possible but risky. At least, it would be best to keep planetary landings to a minimum. Be careful when flying around asteroids and other ships getting screenshots. I made the return journey from BP without taking damage (having taken a bit on the way out) but I had shields and did not make landfall very often. Be honest with yourself with what you think you can achieve and how much of a risk you are prepared to take. There is no shame in heading back to the bubble for repairs.
I think, in your position I might be inclined to head for Sagittarius A* or some other sights in the Galactic Core. If Jaques still does not have repairs back online by then, I would probably be inclined to return to the bubble for repairs. Once you get to the far side of the Galactic Core, you're closer to BP than the bubble and going back becomes much more difficult.
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Tom should go to Blu Ain OH-C c26. That is my favourite first discovered system, I think the Earth Like there may have a landable moon, but I was there pre horizons.
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I concur with Edelgard, Tom should wait until repairs come back up to make sure he makes it to Beagle point! I'd help you find jumponium, but I'm unfortunately already back in the bubble. If Tom wants to do some local tourism around the Colonia Nebula, can I recommend Eol Prou GG-M c8-39? It is only about 70 ly from Jacques, and the seventh planet is an earth-like with a landable moon-like in orbit. I took some nice pictures when I visited:

A picture showing the my meeting of Tom last week:

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Day 11. - 19. July 3302

Today Tom did visit Eol Prou GG-M c8-39 and took some nice photos...

...Tom is very excited about the breaktrough with Unknown Probes...

...Tom wishes he could be there but for now he is at Jaques and who knows something might happen there soon...

... well hopefully Jaques will bring his Repair-service back online soon.

If you want Tom to visit a special place or meet you -if you are out there- make a suggestion! Tom is currently at Jaques Station.
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Day 12. 20. July 3302

Today Tom met CMDR S. Belmont and his ship Coal Kitty
[] was a short meeting but it was a good one even though they barely crashed into each other but due to bad communication Tom lost 3% of his Hull during the meeting...

... none the less Tom was exited to meet another Ship...

...but it seems like Tom mostly just meets the big ships at Jaques Station.

If you want Tom to visit a special place or meet you -if you are out there- make a suggestion! Tom is currently at Jaques Station.
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Tom needs help! Because he cant make it to Beagle Point without FSD Boost so if you are out there and a Miner, Tom needs you to fulfill his Mission for Bob.

Its now over a Month since Bob died but... Tom is still out there and as far as i can tell he will make his way to Beagle Point to honour Bob. Bob only lifed for a few Days and Tom now over a Month but this isnt a bad thing its a good thing, Tom still got support from other Ships and their CMDR's and if he is going to make it to Beagle Point he will return to the Bubble and is going to do what Bob wanted to do all along... living the life of a Spaceship and discover the Galaxy...!
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I've read that repair facilities are now available at Jaques (! ) - can you confirm this and has Tom been able to repair his hull damage? The necessary modules for mining are also apparently available in small quantities, including mining lasers, so perhaps Tom could contribute to the mining CG and find the materials for jumponium at the same time?
I've spent a couple of sessions mining osmium in the bubble and am on the way out to Jaques again and I've found that jumponium materials do not drop often but if you spend a couple of hours in a pristine metallic ring you might get enough for a basic J1 boost. If Tom has a range of 26.67LY or better, a pair of J1 boosts will be enough to make the penultimate jump of 33.4LY (I think) to Beagle Point. Finding the materials for a pair of J2 boosts from mining alone will be much more time-consuming. Do you have Horizons? Even without a SRV, you can (with care) scoop materials from the surface of a planet that have been mined by someone else, though I wouldn't recommend doing this when your hull integrity is low. This was how CMDR Frawd Digger got to BP (and now safely back!) in his Sidewinder and it is much less time-consuming than mining.
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Day 13. 04. August 3302

Today Tom was finally able to repair at Jaques Station directly after that he equipped a Mining laser he did head out to do some mining...

...Tom wants to go to Sagittarius A* after he finishes mining but this could take some time...

...there are many rocks to mine...

...the ressources he needs are rare but this does not stop him from trying to get them.

If you want Tom to visit a special place or meet you -if you are out there- make a suggestion! Tom is currently at Jaques Station. And looking for germanium.
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How have you been getting on mining? I have found that I get a few fragments of Germanium in the metallic A ring of planet 3 in EOL PROU LW-L C8-324, just 7.17LY from Jaques. In a single mining session (2-2.5 hours) I seem to get 1-3 fragments. In the metallic ring next to Jaques, Vanadium seems more common than Germanium, so perhaps different rings have different compositions.
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