Bongo Baggins has been taken hostage.....

Dearest Hive of Scum and Villany;

Would indeed like to save CMDR Baggins, however; am currently erstwhile engaged in Newton's Vault. If you would be so kind as to treat him well and fairly, I shall endeavour, upon my return to habited space in 3306, to profer your modest sum of 200 tonnes of nose candy. Should you be unable to wait, do with him as you see fit.

Chin up, ole boy.



Ian Phillips

Volunteer Moderator
The moderators have had a whip round and can provide:
1) one sticky sweet from the bottom of a childs pocket (fluff included as an extra)
2) A half eaten bag of chips.
3) 14.5 extra large buckets of popcorn
4) Several empty bottles of spirits. (The vapours qualify as narcotics, I'm told)
5) T.j - you can have him too.
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