Bongo Baggins has been taken hostage.....

He's not worth 200 ton of anything is he? :unsure:

Would you settle for 57t of premium self sealing stem bolts I picked up at a very reasonable price just the other day?
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I dont understand, i saw that pirateorc and polo added bongobaggins as a friend on friday or saturday just gone, and now they have kidnapped him..
I added him during the kidnapping. Orc has had him on his friends list for a while and had planned it for weeks. Apparently Bongo was exploring. Orc basically duped him, lead him into a false sense of security and agreed to meet up.....and met some other Dark Marauders 😁

Everyone we kidnap has to be on our friends list at some point unless it's unplanned (eg pirating someone then holding them hostage)
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