[INDEPENDENT] [BOO] Band of Outlaws | 300+ Gaming Community (18+) | PvX, Piracy (No Griefing), PMF, Power Play (Archon Delaine)

BOO, or Band of Outlaws, is a community of semi-hardcore/hardcore players founded under Cybrex (CMDR Ellegos) back in 2016. BOO plays many games, with Elite Dangerous being one of our recent games to play as a group. We are a no rubbish, no drama group. In Elite, we play in either Open or Private play focusing on BGS and PVP gameplay either through mission running, player piracy, and all other means of space outlaw debauchery. Our only requirements to join are that you be 18+ and be willing to use Discord.

Band of Outlaws is a coalition of pirates and boutlaws coming together from nearby star systems. There goals are to exploit any world and system for profit, pooling their resources together to create a vast network of outlaws and renegades to provide safety and support for their way of life. Establishing themselves in the Ngbato star system, their influence begins to spread in support of further securing Archon Delaine's grip in the area.

Their ambitions extend further than just one star system, with their eyes set upon the entire Galaxy. If you are interested in joining this crew, then please read further down.

What Can We Provide?

Play alone, or with friends; With an active gaming community consisting of over 300+ members, and 15+ active Elite players, there is always someone to play with on our Discord. If you are more the loner type, that's fine too. We like our lurkers. Many of us play hardcore, but we also understand games are meant to be fun. Play the way you want to play.

New player friendly; New player or a veteran? We don't care. We have the knowledge and means to get you started in the game. You'll never be poor with us.

Pew pew, and more pew; Do you like PVP? We do to. We do not kill other players aimlessly, and try to keep it somewhat light RP. We're pirates, and we need to keep our customers alive.

Multicrew; We have several members with multicrew ships to hop in to and go pew pew in. Want to show off your new Corvette in style? Invite us for multicrew as well!

BGS Manipulation; We're a new group dipping our toes into background sim gameplay, and we recently had our own Player Minor Faction added.

How To Join?

Want to join our Band of Outlaws? We have very basic requirements and are just looking for individuals who can be mature, and know when to have a good time. Visit our public discord server called Tortuga to join - https://discord.gg/CwMGSng

18 or older; We understand age isn't the all determining factor on maturity, but we do discuss very mature topics in our community.

Use Discord; While we encourage the use of Voice Chat, it is not necessary. But we do need all members to be on our server.

Don't be a d i c k; Be civil, be mature, and know when to have a good time.

Important Links:

Discord: https://discord.gg/CwMGSng
Inara: https://inara.cz/squadron/6016/
Things are really picking up now for our band of miscreants! FDev recently just added our own Player Minor Faction (Band of Outlaws) and we are now slowly taking control of our home system.
Welcome CMDR Qeux to the fold. :)

While we are close to winning the current Civil War in our system, we have began interdiction operations against miners with lucrative success. With all the fun going on, we could always use more pilots. Why not join today?
The civil war concluded with us as the victors. We now set our efforts against the controlling faction in our system, and from there the galaxy. If you are interested in BGS gameplay, we're a perfect group to join. :)
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