Roller Coasters Booster Bike - A recreation from Toverland


With the new DLC being released I wanted to give the new coasters a try. Decided the best way for me was to just build a replica of Booster Bike from Toverland, in the Netherlands.

A small roller-coaster for the budget minded few, something more modest and fun for the entire family.

Track length: 594m (only 1% off from the real ride! I guess that makes it a 1% MC!)
Height: 15m
Footprint: 230m x 55m
Trains: 1 train, 8 coaches with 2 seats across.

-Fully custom supported
-Loads of realistic details
-Lightswitch panel (Tracklights, station lights, worklights etc.)
-Status lights in operator booth
-Audio sequences

Piece Count: 3194

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Perfect recreation! You have even managed to recreate the same colour scheme and the station. [up]

The station features nice details such as screens with Planet Coaster advertisements :D

Thank you for the comments, glad you all enjoy it :)

Booster Bike has been through a few stages over the years, the theming has changed and the queue line has been altered with the addition of the Dwervelwind area, I decided to go for the latest rendition with the exception of the queline. Which is a bit more freeform.
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