Both Zende megaships didn't jump!

Well at least the jump to Zende seems to have worked. The one time I managed to get the game started the main menu showed I was docked at Zende now :)
Now if only I could log in again...
Hello folks,

Thank you for the reports!

It turns out that the Zende Partners' flight controller who was supposed to give the green light on both megaships jumping was found stuck in a lift. We're pleased he's safe, but to ensure the megaship ferries jump as planned, we'll be bringing down the servers right now (9:00 AM UTC).
The flight controller's wife told me he's been having intense dreams lately and has been staring out into space. Hmm... :unsure:
I normally stick up for FD overall, this is a pretty epic fail however. How to drive people away and annoy them.

Mebbe just fix the major bugs and forget literally everything else would make sense, for say, a couple of months.
Rather than just messing up brand new stuff...

EDIT: The Conduit is still in Zende after all. I wasn't on-board and It had just orbited so far away from my location in 30 minutes that I initially thought it was gone. Sorry for the confusion. It turns out that both ships didn't jump. It will be interesting to see the forthcoming Galnet news.

I was expecting "The Sandler's Song" megaship to take the place of "The Conduit" megaship after tonight's tick, but there's empty space where the Conduit was.

I was assuming that the two ships were swapping places.

Where is "The Sandler's Song" now?
Is this why I cant't log in? Becase my dumass got on that ship....
We'll be bringing the servers shortly, but will be keeping a close eye on them to ensure that there are no further hiccups.

Thank you for your patience.
Ehy Will, thanks for the update. Unfortunately, it would seem that the ferry to Zende finally left but now I can't login in the game, as it crashes as soon as the spinning ship appears :)
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