General / Off-Topic BREAKING: New potentially habitable exoplanet found around Teegarden's star

Astronomers have discovered a potentially habitable exoplanet around Teegarden's Star.

Teegarden is an old red dwarf star 12 light-years away in the Aries constellation.

The exoplanet found, called Teegarden b, has a minimum mass almost identical to Earth.

It orbits within the star's habitable zone.

And it has a 60% chance of having a temperate surface environment.

Surface temperature should be closer to 28°C assuming a similar terrestrial atmosphere.

Teegarden b is the exoplanet with the highest Earth Similarity Index discovered so far: 95%.

This means that it has the closest mass and insolation to terrestrial values.

Umm.. I haven't watched the video, yet and I kind of like this guy, but that title is just idiotic.
How would atmosphere evaporate? Potential loss of atmosphere (which is, let's face it, mostly gas) has nothing to do with temperature.
It can be stripped by solar wind or not form at all, but it doesn't "evaporate"
And the habitable zone is so close to the star, that each and all planets are probably tidally locked, with the bright side too hot for life and the dark side too cold.
Yes its called an Eyeball Earth and many have speculated a habitable zone between the two extremes.
Given enough time life could adapt into the extreme zones. (to some degree).

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