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Would you look at this! what is this, gnosis not heading to cone sector anymore? FDEVS?

Good job, posting on galnet 6 hours before the ship is jumping, way to go.

You might want to cache your stuff before you upload it on your website and not put it for public viewing on an hidden link before an event next time.


A scientific-research vessel has been left stranded following a Thargoid attack.

The Gnosis, flagship of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, recently made a hyperspace jump towards the Cone Sector FN-J B9-0 system. A short time later, the following message was received from Captain Mathius Leander of the Gnosis command crew:

“We were a short way into our journey when the Gnosis was hyperdicted by a group of Thargoid vessels. The wrench back into real space caused severe internal damage to multiple systems, including the frame shift drive.”

“There’s no doubt that we would have been destroyed if not for some of the Commanders travelling with us. They lured the Thargoids away while ejecting meta-alloys from their holds. The aliens were more interested in scooping up the meta-alloys than attacking us. The Commanders later reported that the Thargoid vessels were the recently identified Hydra Interceptors.”

“The Gnosis is currently adrift close to the eighth planet of the Outotz ST-I d9-6 system. We have begun essential repairs, but there is a risk that the Thargoids may return before we can escape the system.”

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Has to be fake or a joke because there are hundreds of ax pilots on The Gnosis. Nobody could be stupid enough to think dumped meta alloys is a good story arc.
Way to go Frontier. You bottled it on the opportunity to create ENGAGING content.

Or is it simply that the flight plan caught you with your pants down and slamming in a further permit lock was all you could do to save face?

Just keep hammering those nails in the coffin...
Frontier, your story writers are doing a terrible job
Oh jeez, this is just amazing. Well, I guess now I know that I'll need to take a ship with cargo racks for tomorrow's CG. Procrastination saves the day again!
Does Fdev realize that for the two years I have faithfully ground on and enjoyed this game that they have been under a micro-transaction moratorium? That is, I refused to buy anything from the store because of lethargic, indigent, and sloppy community interaction, support, and communication. Edit: Don't misunderstand, I want to support this game but it is a B2P game so this consumer has a higher standard when it comes to "micro" transaction spending.

I was fully prepared to reconsider this policy if something interesting happened, even if it was a scrubbed jump or massive asset loss, but the fact it was spoiled 7 hours early and the Pilots Federation remains the most silent antagonist of progress and no one seems to care means I will have to live with my white and black Friday iCutters for another year.

Glory to Mankind :mad:
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If they didn't want this event to happen, there were a hundred better ways to handle it than this. Thousands of players have dropped what they were doing to race there to take part or shipped several module loadouts, only to now be told "Oops! Didn't happen!".

Nice to know that we all took part in an heroic battle though, I'll expect my medal in the post.
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