Breeding according to Mendel's law, what do you think?

based on this threat

I also love the idea of getting deeper into genetics. Not obligatory, but anyone who wants to breed should be able to do so. This would also increase the value of special animals in a global market. Anyone who does not want to breed can buy a special exemplar. Since breeding can be very time-consuming, high prices should also be charged for very rare / difficult breeds.

The breeding should also go in both directions. So that back breeding to the original animal should also be possible.


From what they've told us, offspring will inherit their appearances from their parents. I'm not sure if it will go further than that and include grandparents/aunts/uncles/etc., but at the very least they won't just be a randomly generated pattern, at least to an extent as some animals, like zebras, giraffes, and tigers will never look completely identical to another of their species.
I think they'll use at least a 'fantasy' version of realistic Mendellian genetics with recessive/dominant traits so as to simplify the process. That's just my prediction, anyway!
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