Bridging the Gap - Conclusion

I still think the "Rescue escape pods from Thargoids" CG awhile back was way more fun and creative. Speaking of, did that story (Thargoid stealing people) ever go anywhere? Seems Galnet has more about weddings and some dude's stolen ship than it does about ALIENS EATING PEOPLE...

Anyway, wake me up when we get an interesting CG again.
What a waste of time this whole experience this has been!
I am not that negative. I liked the story-attempt. I like the ferry. I liked the new ways to aquire guardian stuff by installation raiding and piracy. I think this would have been a quite good Ininitative, if more of it was done ingame and not on forums and if the rewards would be a bit more worthy (bigger weapon class, gimballs...)
Not quite, you can drop into degraded emissions in the system where this Initiative has been taking place. Plenty of mats in those.
We need to see if these will remain of if they will disappear in the next server ticks. If they remain it's not a big issue then. Still we need to get there though
We need to see if these will remain of if they will disappear in the next server ticks. If they remain it's not a big issue then. Still we need to get there though
It says they will in the first post in this thread
What's next for Zende?

Zende Partners will continue their operations in the system of Synuefe EN-H d11-96, with their megaship ferries (The Conduit and Sadler's Song) jumping between the system and Zende every weekly server tick (Thursdays at 06:00 UTC).

Commanders in the area will also continue to encounter various USSs, allowing them to gather Guardian Materials and Commodities by salvaging or pirating, as opposed to gathering goods from the ground.
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Hopefully the next one will have much, much tighter pacing- I get the logic each CG takes 7 days or sooner to complete to give everyone a chance, but thats far too long and should be short and snappy if publicised enough beforehand. Personally I'd be happy if the II was exciting on its own and gave us a new situation we had not had before (or combinations)- then the reward would not be important as you had a blast just taking part.
Have there been any weapons since 2.4 which have been gimbled?

I wonder if the policy going forward is that all new weapons are going to be fixed or multi-crew only if turreted. If you consider the fact that the new weapons are going to be more powerful than the standard ones, the fact that they are fixed does provide balance against lesser powerful but gimbled weapons. I don't think I've got a problem with that really if only the Multi-Crew turrets could target Thargoid Hearts.

Genuine Question here though; Can you sub-target parts of a capital ship in a turret?
July is when the next Interstellar Initiative begins.

When we have more information to share about the next update, we'll surely let the community know!
Here's hoping it's not critically decided on a conflict-zone bond event again.

These things get decided on day 1, and instead of being hard-fought competition it's just a grindout for credits for the rest of the activity.

Something really needs to be done to give the side who isn't winning at the end of day 1 a fighting chance for at least half the duration of the event. Current BGS war mechanics do this, and are more involved than just grinding out bonds, instead focusing on clearing CZs and resolving scenarios around USS, with bonds having a more minor effect on the war outcome. It also means both sides start on an even footing at the commencement on each new day, rather than at a cumulative disadvantage from the previous day.

I just tap out when I see a combat bond CG these days. The Nova Imperium CG played out no differently to this one.
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Thanks for the follow-up and details shared @Will Flanagan!
While I appreciate the efforts at pushing more stories and extra content to the game for free, I have been quite disappointed in how it all turned up.
I'll post some feedback, in hope that the next II can be enhanced. Cheers! :)

Feedback Interstellar Initiative "The Bridge"
  • One week per phase is ok, if the content is interesting - 1 week vote with nothing else is not a good thing. 1 week CG is ok, but it's the same old CG system with hard to define milestones (you had to tweak it, and it's not the first time)
  • The vote should happen in-game, localized, for every players to participate in - The phase 1 was a week long vote in the forums only, in English only. Please, localize it so everyone can participate in. I understood the trick here to use the forums for this vote as you just finished the overhaul and wanted to draw the community to the forums.
  • The efforts at creating new interesting Galnet News have been noticed - Keep this up, we all hope they will lead to results and that we will unravel the mysteries that are going on for years. What is going on with the Alliance in California (Hafnium, pirate attack, mushrooms, ...) + What about Jasmina Halsey (new persons having visions, there are strange locations in-game about the same thing here for many years, for example the story "The Sleeper") + The IA developped by the Federation project Bulkwark + MetaDrive and Li Yong Rui + Raxxla + The Club / Salomé + Guardians / Constructs + Ram Tah / AEGIS not in Bridging the Gap + the strange Thargoid map in their crashed ships + Why the Far God cult? + Why League of Reparation? + the strange marriage and yes and no, then yes, and no with Aisling Duval...
  • The Community Goals haven't changed despite the "new Interstellar Initiative" system - The rewards are low compared to the other activities, so we're here only for the story... and the latter is not to the point. I don't want faster mysteries unraveling, I would like actual hints and facts leading us to things, like we used to have back in the days to find things in-game (and not by telling us GO HERE, hints only). The milestones are hard to define because of the #players, I know, but maybe using a ratio would be interesting? Talking about credits, everything is too easy to acquire now. I'm for a reduction of all rewards payouts, but it's too late and the community would rant about it now :p
  • No news from experts like AEGIS and Ram Tah - Zende and Segnen fought (they really did fought, we destroyed lives for the control here) over Guardians ruins and techs. They developed two weapons that already exist in-game, and we have to synthesize if we want the AX ammunition. I'm not happy about adding grind / materials farming to use weapons we unlocked. In fact I don't like synthesis a lot, they add a barrier between players and make fights less based on skills and more on gametime. Despite a lot of hard work from AX experts like the AXI to call for Missiles, the community chose Multicannons. It's a choice, but why, the missiles were far better and those who really play AX are not interested by Multicannons. Now, we have players ranting about the Multicannons because it's Fixed & low Class gear. The AX fighters would have been happy with the missiles in its current state, it would have been a great filler. Be it. I would also have loved Scenarios around the stations/installations for example during the War CG. The class and type (fixed/gimballed etc) of weapon(s) offered could be determined by the tiers achieved in one or all of the CGs in the II.
  • Event entirely spoiled - Please, don't spoil the event, even for the sake of showing how it will go so people will keep faith in how you are building things. Keep it quiet, unravel the stories, make it interesting with twists, we need surprises.
  • Feedback - This thread about CG feedback. GREAT! Thanks for being more open to the feedback and centralizing information. Thank you.
  • CG, gathering Guardians commodities - It wasn't very easy to gather two items per two items with the SRV... hopefully more SRVs configurations later? It would be great. For now, we have to gather two items, transfer, go back, transfer, and it's quite a hassle. It's working though, but it doesn't motivate the community. For now, gathering Materials would be easier for everyone. Plus now we have signals to gather these from instead of going to the surface. The convoys to collect commodities were way too hard: 5 ships (Vultures, AspX, Anaconda, Python) protecting 1 ship (Type 7) for only 1 Guardian item in the hold. At least for this difficulty make it 50 items to collect or only 1 ship protecting the transport. One thing as well, almost impossible to run the CG in Open because there won't be any commodities on-site. Everyone were farming Solo, then, and it's not interesting... but I see the instances problems and items respawn. I would also love Collector limpets gathering things on the surface, and them not exploding if I targeted an item beforehand.
  • CG, ships size - Small & Medium pads only were interesting at first thought, but it drew Large ships and players here to kill the Small & Medium ones. A surface installation with Large pads would have been interesting to help with the CG and maintenance the Large ships. In the end, I saw both Players Killers attacking but also great groups with Large ships protecting the community from these Players Killers, like the French COMTAC and its dozens of patrols. If there's going to be new stations involved use a CG (trade/mining/combat) to determine the station size and level of facilities available.
  • Ferries - I'm curious about the stats here. How many players were docked during the transfer the first week? Second week? Now? I'm ok for ferries on longer distances >1000LY, but this is a 10m stroll for players... and the new players won't farm the Guardians, they have other tasks to do first. They would eventually participate in, 10 units per 10 units as they have a Small ship. Not very thrilling to them while they are discovering the game. Or maybe a daily tick for the transfer, because a week is way too long.
  • Interstellar Initiatives - If they appear once every two months, I expect a new little & fun thing like a small new feature. You said you now have a dedicated team of developers working on the Interstellar Initiatives, right?
One thing I'd love as well, not related to the Interstellar Initiative: Is it possible to get a list (during a livestream or a thread) of the main bugs fixed during the week/month and those you are working on actively please? I feel like we are waiting for a very long time, and when the patch appears, it fixed only one little thing... It's saddening, and we are already mid-year. I feel like the game won't be as bug-free as possible before the new Era next year.

Thanks for reading me! :)
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