Bridging the Gap - Conclusion

Welp, guess it's back to killing scouts until the next CG or Initiative... Maybe I'll even try one of the new AX MCs too before forming an opinion about them (heresy, I know, but I'm a loner, a rebel, who doesn't play by the rules. Or something...)
I am not that negative. I liked the story-attempt. I like the ferry. I liked the new ways to aquire guardian stuff by installation raiding and piracy. I think this would have been a quite good Ininitative, if more of it was done ingame and not on forums and if the rewards would be a bit more worthy (bigger weapon class, gimballs...)
I tottaly agree with this.
The Initiave was ok, but they need to review some points like the voting part.

The only thing that i would really like to have an answer from FD, is why since 2.4 they dont want us using gimbals. Is it because of balancing issues? They want to make the Thargoids stronger by nerfing the humans? It makes little sense because, even if we had ppl using gimbals from the get go, the fighting against Interceptors would still be very hard especially against anything above a Cyclops. In fact i'm almost sure, that even if these new weapons were also available with a gimbal variant, the Gauss would still be the best choice against Interceptors.
So FD, why no Gimbals? Why not give choice to players?
Much like the dumbfire rockets offered by the opposition.
The rockets at least stood a chance at being useful. They could compliment gauss in thargoid heart exerting duty. Multis will be useless against scouts and useless in an AX cz as the interceptors come in unscanned making heart targeting rather difficult.

It'll be fun watching people try the multis and the be sad they didn't get the other choice.
Apologies if this has been covered already but ... a few things I picked up from Yamiks' stream today in between his understandable bouts of frothing rage.

  • the synthesis recipe for the AX multicanon ammo seems to be incorrectly labelled as "Standard"
  • the AX multicanon seems to be missing its visible tracer fire
  • since the AX multicanon looks identical to the standard one, sounds identical, has identical non-AX stat's, is capable of taking standard ammo as well as the new AX ammo and costs exactly the same amount ... why would anyone ever use the standard multicanon from now on?
the synthesis recipe for the AX multicanon ammo seems to be incorrectly labelled as "Standard"
I think the labels are standard, so the second is always Standard. They did say it was going to be cheap & cheerful ;)

the AX multicanon seems to be missing its visible tracer fire
Think of it as stealth munitions - cooler now eh?

(I'm sure they'll fix it)

since the AX multicanon looks identical to the standard one, sounds identical, has identical non-AX stat's, is capable of taking standard ammo as well as the new AX ammo and costs exactly the same amount ... why would anyone ever use the standard multicanon from now on?
Premium ammo synth?


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(Posted in the wrong thread before, reposting here)

Thanks for the summary @Will Flanagan . First of all - the fact that you've recognised feedback and are taking it onboard is great. I just hope that improving the future initiatives is part of that onboarding.

I have already provided some constructive feedback regarding Intro/Phase 1. Now it's time for Phase 2 and 3. Note this is just my opinion and nothing else :)

Phase 2: Community Goal - Collecting Guardian Commodities

The good

  • New type of CG. We've never had a Guardian Commodity collecting one, so that was something fresh. Kudos for that!
  • New ways to collect the commodities (however also see the bad points about this).
The bad
  • Unrealistic requirements to complete the CG (not the first time it's happened).
  • One of the 2 new ways of collecting commodities didn't work. There were no commodities in USS's, only the materials.
  • The other new way - i.e. the piracy - was simply ridiculous. I'm sorry, but having a massive T7 transport carrying 1 (ONE) tonne of the required commodity (where's realism in that? who would hire a whole CONVOY to transport a single unit of cargo in a MASSIVE transport ship?), where it's been guarded by quite a few ships and pretty much being forced to wait for it to jump away, and follow it to the new system - all that for a SINGLE TONNE of the required cargo cannot be called anything else than ridiculous - when you could be much more efficient collecting them from the ground (more on that in a sec).
  • Another variant of piracy was installation looting. There was 1 installation in that system with 2 cargo bays. The cargo bays contained 1 (ONE) tonne of the required commodity each. After hacking it, the planet's gravity immediately started pulling down the cargo, requiring players to chase it down. I mean, I don't mind that part - it's added a challenge, BUT having to spend all that time for a single tonne of commodity is - again - just simply ridiculous.
  • Therefore if a player didn't want to waste their time, the only viable choice was to go and collect in the ruins or structures. And here comes another downer - SRV has only 2 cargo space, which required players to tediously make rounds between the ship and cargo scattered across the site. After a few rounds I gave up, found a spot where 4 items were laying around in close proximity and - for the first time in 5 years of playing this game - started relogging to fill up my ship. I role play my character and this is the first time ever that I felt FORCED by the design of this feature to use relogging. Very disappointing.
  • The global reward was anti-climax. Unlocking Guardian Tech Broker at the outpost wasn't really that much of a goal to look into.
Phase 3 - The Conflict

The good

  • Players had to choose a side for an actual real in-game and permanent outcome. This was IMHO the BEST part of this whole Initiative. Making us choose. Do that more often please. (Unfortunately everything else was so bad, this gem of a positive feedback was buried under a mountain of disappointment :( )
  • We can engineer the new modules
  • They don't take experimental weapon slot
The bad
  • Generic, bland combat CG.
  • No motivation to carry on after Tier 1 was reached. There were no additional rewards for reaching further tiers. Money doesn't count, because what could be earned in the CG is petty cash compared to other ways of getting Credits.
  • No new weapon models. This is either lazy or you've run out of time... If it's the latter - and I've said this before - you should have delayed implementing this system and execute it properly, with all the fireworks that it required.
Overall feedback
  • The decals were a GREAT reward!
  • Interstellar Initatives turned out to be just old Community Goals linked with a poorly presented story. It really sounded like some more advanced system will be implemented IN PLACE of the Community Goals. This is not advanced, there is nothing new about it, everything we got was already in the game. Why made an impression you're making something new, where in reality you're not really? This creates expectations in the community and inevitably leads to disappointment. I think the feedback you got on the forums clearly shows that.
  • Presentation of the story was pretty much non-existent. The actual story behind it was REALLY COOL! I mean - 2 corporations fighting over new resource and offering new weaponry for fighting the aliens - what's not to love. BUT! The presentation of said narrative was really very poor. Apart from 3 generic Galnet articles there was NOTHING in game. I mean... Come on FDEV! Where is Zende Partners and that other corporation's (see? I've already forgotten their name!) entry in the Codex? This was a PERFECT opportunity to add them to Corporations section with some lore and history behind them. Who are they? Why are they so interested in the Guardian technology? What's their background? At least we got to see their logos - that gave them a little bit of identity, but nowhere near what it should have been (but the logos weren't even in Galnet...).
  • Updates on Twitter, Facebook and forums... and not in the game. You clearly have the ability to display images in Galnet (the headers). Why were the new weapons not presented in Galnet at all? Additionally, we've only got the base stats. No stats for AX ammo. No stats for different sizes of the weapons. No showing how they look.
  • Advanced Multi Cannon and Advanced Missiles sounded like a new weapon. To finally find out they are just pretty much standard weapons, including the looks, but with the ability to craft AX ammo for them... Why even bother? Why not just implement AX ammo for all standard kinetic weapon types? That'd be much better help for AX combat. If the reason was the narrative, then in my opinion it was a total failure.
  • Because of very poor presentation of the narrative, I didn't feel like engaging in this Initiatve whatsoever. Didn't feel connected to it. The only reason I got involved was because I wanted to see what these Initiatives will be all about. In the end it turned out to be 3 CG's...
  • No improvements to the CG's themselves whatsoever. Why all the Tiers if they are completely meaningless? NOTHING depends on reaching the higher tier. As soon as Tier 1 is reached, we can pack our stuff and go home. (Money doesn't count, as above).
A few closing words... I really really wanted to like this. Honestly. I was looking forward to Interstellar Initiatives a lot, hoping for something new, something interesting, something engaging. None of this happened. Unfortunately, overall it was a MASSIVE disappointment for me. From day one, the forums poll - up to the last hour when I found out the new Advanced Multi Cannons are just the same standard MC's with new ammo synthesis added. That's it.

Regardless of all the criticism that I recently share about the game, I still love you FDEV and I still love Elite. But I'm really sorry to say that all in all this first Initiative was a disaster. Here's hoping that you are really going to take all this feedback from the community on board and the next one will be much better.

I will take part in the next one too, because I will want to see how you are going to approach it. But if it will be just like this one, I don't think I will bother with them again.
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