Bridging the Gap - Conclusion

USS's do not spawn Guardian Mats.
so that was a Fracking Lie.

making the grind worse with every update.
Yep Last two page have gone over that in detail..
Some ones turned them off in error or made them BGS linked...

Currently this has been disabled for what ever reason... during the II they were enabled... and people got many of them..
Wouldn't it just be a much more elegant solution to have a "refill with normal ammo" and "refill with AX ammo" option at the stations? At least at stations that are related to the war. Commanders who want to use these multi-cannons now have to go to Guardian systems to collect materials, then back to the bubble or the Pleiades to fight Thargoids. Since this xeno-war is so widespread why not make it more accessible to people?
And these new new Adv Multis also chew through ammo pretty quick. I'm using them in one of the Infested systems of the week, and i'm already very low on Tin and a bit low on Guardian Tech Components.
BTW, When the Combat CG was on. In the high intensity Combat Zone, did an Imperial Capital ship turn up at any time?
Yep it gave the feds 500K for getting it to run away... you could get more by killing the low chance of spawning high paying cutter if it spawned as well...

If it spawned to close to the gravity well it would fly off at stupid high speed and be unreachable... ( Capital ships had been nerfed in an update they very rarely will even target human players )
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They were quite bugged.
A lot of times i got the message and the sounds that the Capital Ship was spawning, but there was no ship
This happened only once for me. But I admit I only know in theory what to do with a capital ship (beside getting out of range).
There was a message when they arrived saying if I shot out the Heat Dampers? It would run away.

By the time I had shot out about 6 or 7 on each capitol ship it would be down to about 60% and would do a runner.

I saw many announcements that one was arriving and at times thee was supposed to be a Federation one there as well to protect, I never saw a Fed but I routed four Imperial ships
Yea, messages, sounds, notification - but sometimes the CapShip was nowhere to be found.
Some other times, yes it was there. Most of the time it was leaving after i got all the heat relays, but in some occasions it flew away after me getting out only 1-2 heat relays, but it was still paying the full 500k credits
We will have some regular/community submitted CGs in the meantime. I think today we'll get one for/from SagEye.
why isnt it in the Galnet??
Because it requires one of the Dev team to get hands-on and enter it into the core game.... entering text into a forum post just takes a..... well you get the picture.

All the Elite Dangerous Dev's are too busy doing?..... well you get the picture.


'THE picture' ...there's 'Maintenance Mode' ... then there's where EDH currently languishes :cry:
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