Bridging the Gap - Overview of Phases

Thanks for your answer!

So because I have not enough credits to buy a Python or a Krait, I must miss the half of the Community Event.

Or I must jump 700 ly back with my Asp, then forth again with my 14ly capable Crusader...

This is sad.
send me a private message on forum to work out the details of my CMDR hauling cargo for you 😂
I'm being sincere
I love the idea of a conflict zone community goal! That’ll be fun.

This is looking excellent so far. I love the idea of new manufacturers being introduced, with their own backstories that players have shaped.

Something to consider, Frontier, in case you haven’t already - ammo synthesis isn’t wildly popular among players, anecdotally. Those synthesis recipes look plenty expensive enough for a temporary benefit. These new weapons will need to be superior (with the special ammo) to Guardian weapons to be used by players - if they’re not more effective than using Gauss cannons, for example, nobody will use them, which would be a shame.

If you wanted to really mobilise players, I can promise you that offering a choice between two new SRV variants would do it 😉
I know there's probably plenty of people that are excited about having a ferry, and a guardian tech broker at a new outpost. And thargoid hunter types will prob like the new weapon not counting as AX in the overall loadout.

But what was all the hype about?

Literally NOTHING is new in terms of activities.

A Trade CG, a combat CG. We had those regularly before CG's were taken offline so the team could prepare for this big new amazing Interstellar Initiative... and here we are 10? weeks later, but it's really just more of the same, isn't it?
Elite Dangerous is largely a space trading and combat game. It’s not obvious what else they could do - trading and combat is the heart of what the game is. A lot of the activities are inevitably going to be trading or combat.
That's really disappointing @Will Flanagan
I can't see how these can be an improvement over the existing AX MultiCannons that come in size 3 with turret and AX ammo that can be purchased.
Can't see why they would be worth fighting for as they don't seem to offer anything.
Can these new weapons be engineered?
Yes the new weapons can be engineered
I'm not a fan of having to grind a ton of guardian mats to use ax multi-cannons.

Finally huge -> small points over the 4x limit is wonderful, but having to manually synthesize for ax ammo is not fun, at all.

This whole CG I thought was supposed to help us get new tech to kill thargoids easier, but this doesn't sound easier at all.
I'm having a hard time seeing what use any of this has for actual AX CMDRs, but maybe I'm missing something. For example, take a Krait MKII that has Gauss Cannons installed in the two medium hardpoints. Post CG, all you'll be able to do is fit fixed cannons or missiles a whole class smaller in those empty size 3 slots? At best you'll fit two if you want to use the Gauss cannons (which why wouldn't you, no target leading is necessary) as you still need at least one Flak Launcher to take on Interceptors.

Otherwise the only benefit is having all five with experimental weaponry which again leaves you with no flak, so good luck with Interceptors. The only change is these weapons can be engineered? Larger ships can take advantage, but get ready to grind a bunch of engineering to make it flyable in an AX CZ...and you're still stuck with fixed. Ancillary benefit is many CMDRs will now see the light of HOTAS?
RIP event. I'll probably do some of the trade CG stuff, since I'm in the area and free money is free money, but that's about it. We're getting a Tech Broker we'll never use because the ones in the Bubble are more convenient, and we stand to get AX guns we'll never use because they're inferior to everything else we have in the toolkit.

I can understand not wanting to introduce Power Creep, but if you're making something a reward for doing a CG, at least make it viable.
The multicannon will be of some use for large ship AX builds. Assuming your base AX armament is two Gauss cannons and two shard cannons plus a remote release flak launcher:

You can add two small to the Corvette and Anaconda;
You can add two medium to a Cutter.

If your T-10 build is four large shard cannons and ignore the Thargons, you can add three medium and two small for a fair bit of extra firepower while the synth mats last.

You could also add some to an AX Federal Gunship.

But on your current general-purpose small and medium class combat builds you won't be swapping out your existing gimbaled multicannons for fixed AX-capable guns on the off-chance that a friend asks you to wing up with them at short notice to go play in an AXCZ.
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Hello Commanders,

The results of the first phase of Bridging the Gap are now underway, Zende Partners have rolled out their new megaships ferry as well as new outposts in the various systems.

Today, we wanted to give you a detailed overview of how the following phases of Bridging the Gap will unfold. Be warned, some of the details in this post will reveal to you what’s coming so if you want to avoid the spoilers and see how the story unfolds, don’t click the SPOILER tag!

Phase 1 (passed)
  • Zende Partners announced plans to establish a megaship ferry service between Zende and a system located in Guardian space; the organisation's aim is to foster activity in Guardian space as part of a wider initiative to develop new Guardian-inspired technologies.
  • As a result of this phase, today we’ve added:
    • Zende Partners as a new faction
    • Segnen Exchange as their corporate rivals
    • Megaship ferries at Zende and Synuefe EN-H d11-96
    • An Outpost at Synuefe EN-H d11-96
      • You can sell Guardian Commodities at this outpost for greater-than-usual profits
    • An Installation at Synuefe EN-H d11-96
    • An Outpost at Wregoe XQ-L C21-29 (mid-way point between Zende and Synuefe EN-H d11-96)
    • Convoy USS (pirate for Guardian Commodities) and a variant where the convoy is under attack
    • Salvage USS (where Commanders can find the aftermath of these attacks and score themselves some Guardian Materials)
Phase 2 (16 May)
  • With Zende Partners’ assets in place, they seek the assistance of the galactic community to help them gather Guardian Commodities and Materials.
    • This will come in the form of a Trade Community Goal, starting on 16 May at the outpost: The Prospect.
      • You will need a small or medium ship to participate in the Community Goal.
    • If the Community Goal is successful, Commanders will unlock:
      • The ability to purchase Guardian Modules at The Prospect (you will still need to have previously unlocked the modules via Tech Brokers)
      • A Guardian Tech Broker at The Prospect.
Phase 3 (23 May)
  • As alluded to in our first Interstellar Initiative video, activity in this area is going to attract the attention of Segnen Exchange, who seek to gain control of the operation.
  • Conflict within Synuefe EN-H d11-96 is going to arise and there’ll be a call for Commanders to pick a side through a Conflict Zone Community Goal.
  • Zende Partners and Segnen Exchange are going to try and get you on their side, each offering to unlock a unique new module as a reward.
    • One module is a new multi-cannon, the other is a missile rack.
    • Both can use synthesised ammo, meaning they can take on human or AX targets.
    • They don’t take up an experimental weapon slot, meaning that you’ll be able to stack them with your AX weapons for extra firing power!
    • Depending on which faction wins the Community Goal will decide which module gets unlocked. Commanders will then be able to purchase this from Outfitting.
Phase 4 (30 May)

It’s not quite a phase, but it is the final stage of Bridging the Gap. The winning corporation will take control of the assets in the system, as well as unlocking the module to all players. If Segnen Exchange are successful in taking over the assets, the start destination of the megaship ferry will change location.
  • We’ll also be providing all players who take part in this Interstellar Initiative with a decal. You’ll automatically receive it by either:
    • Boarding one of the two new megaships.
    • Docking at the new outposts.

So that’s what you can expect about the next phases of Bridging the Gap. We’ll be announcing each of these phases as they progress, with all of this details covered here!

Please let us know your feedback in the thread below.
Sounds great. Now, let’s communicate that to people who are actually in the game.
Elite Dangerous is largely a space trading and combat game. It’s not obvious what else they could do - trading and combat is the heart of what the game is. A lot of the activities are inevitably going to be trading or combat.
I understand what you're saying, but here is what I mean. What if it's simply something like having some combat zones located at planet surface? Just a new twist to something old? Instead of doing endless loops pewing stuff in empty space, you had terrain to fly around, gravity and decent to keep in mind, a very real risk of crashing, adding some flavour to the same ol same ol. And wouldn't it kind of make sense that if 2 factions are fighting over the goods from a certain site, that they would be fighting AT the site, not thousands of kilometers away in empty space?
Now I know we're not flying combat ships, but a couple friends and I who regularly zip around planet surfaces because it's just plain fun, dropped some weapons onto our ships for giggles today. So the video is in no way meant to accurately simulate pvp or a CZ on planet, just some food for thought :unsure: but perhaps you can see what I mean when I ask that Fdev consider adding something new to the mix. There is so much potential on planets, but I think it's fair to say most people consider planets just something you land on and take off from, or take a pretty picture of your ship with one in the background... bit of a shame, all that pretty terrain going unused.

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