Bridging the Gap - Phase One - Commencement

Which system, in Guardian space, would you like the megaship ferry to permanently travel to?

  • IC 2391 Sector FL-X b1-7

    Votes: 1,076 30.9%
  • Synuefe IL-N C23-19

    Votes: 224 6.4%
  • Synuefe EN-H d11-96

    Votes: 1,368 39.3%
  • Synuefe GT-H b43-1

    Votes: 655 18.8%
  • Synuefe PF-E b45-5

    Votes: 154 4.4%

  • Total voters
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You know what I'm thinking? The underlying idea behind this is to make the grind for synth mats for the coming Advanced Multicannons that little bit easier.

You know what else I'm thinking? What would be even easier would be to just carry on with the weapons I already have.

Edit: ninja' by Turd Ferguson! 😭
Doing this as a forum vote instead of through some kind of new in-game voting page in the codex or something feels super phoned-in to me. Here's hoping the later phases are more interesting.
Won't be tharg's it will be a rival mega corp that wants to force people to do the jumps manualy and will pay off people to stop the mega ship even being built or leaving system... they allready announced theres a rival faction that might want to bribe commanders to stop the other mega corp..
In any case, I’m pretty sure that the situation with Gnosis will repeat in 2018. When everyone was waiting for him to jump in col-70, and before the last jump he was “suddenly” attacked by targoids.
I am sure that the FD did not learn anything from that failure and now the story will repeat. And what I said a little earlier was sarcasm, because it is difficult for me to pick up something else besides sarcasm and curses, but for obvious reasons I cannot use curses, it remains sarcasm. :)
Wow - you've done some kinda lame things in the past FD but launching your big new Interstellar Initiatives with this, a forum vote on 5 practically identical sequences of number and letters? What the hell are you guys smoking over there that you thought this was even remotely a good idea or interesting thing to do?

I'm spoiling my balot paper.

I was genuinely looking forward to this alternative for CGs, a start like this doesn't hold much promise now does it?
Sheesh, a forum vote, well it beats the time it takes compared to the regular CG go and fetch grinds that's for sure.

Yup much more engaging and involving this.

Ugh, ED is starting to look more and more like the Anthem mess.
THIS - "it's only for the English speaking community + those who read the forums + no hauling to build megaship or outpost + no description about these systems so players will randomly vote one system."

Im really excited to do the Iniciatives but starting with a vote is kind of discouraging.
I've been counter-informed that they do?! I don't ***n know how Guardian sites work. All I'm saying is that shortening the journey to the FSD booster is the most logical choice because you can then put a booster on the ship you take to the other sites.
It’s not a bad idea in principle, but to get the FSD booster you have to go out there, get the materials, come back to the bubble, get the commodities, go to a Tech Broker, unlock & buy the FSD booster, and then if you want anything else you need to get back out there again.

The thing is though, when you’re out there, (particularly if a good ferry destination is chosen) you’re not going to have any trouble getting to loads of sites without an FSD booster, so you may as well just do loads while you’re out there initially. You’d be essentially making more bother for yourself by doing what you’d have to do to get the FSD booster and then go back out there.

If the possible destinations were all drastically far away from each other then what you’re suggesting would absolutely be a very sensible approach to it! They aren’t though. Nice idea in principle though!

(A mild caveat - that’s all assuming that the ferries aren’t that frequent. If it’s once or twice a day or less frequent than that, then this all stands. If they’re say once an hour, then what you suggested is a good approach. 🙂)
NameSupercruise distanceBlueprintGuardian Ruin as well?Distance from Sol
Synuefe PF-E b45-58,181 lsVesselNo782.75 ly
Synuefe GT-H b43-127,767 lsModuleNo777.17 ly
Synuefe EN-H d11-962,328 lsVesselNo783.98 ly
Synuefe IL-N C23-192,037 lsVesselNo680.75 ly
IC 2391 Sector FL-X b1-753lsVesselYes618.51 ly

Synuefe EN-H d11-96 is looking best candidate IMHO
Why is EN-H the best candidate? To me GT-H looks better because of the fact you get a Module Blueprint, which is better / more useful overall than the SLF stuff.

Well my choice is : Synuefe PF-E b45-5
-> mats, G not too low, not far from star
IC 2391 Sector FL-X b1-7 a 3ShipM Star0.31 GHigh metal content world53 ls
Synuefe IL-N C23-19 b 2ShipK Star0.26 GHigh metal content world2,037 ls
Synuefe EN-H d11-96 7 aModuleG Star0.16 GRocky body2,328 ls
Synuefe GT-H b43-1 c 4ShipM Star0.15 GHigh metal content world27,767 lsFSD injection mats.
Synuefe PF-E b45-5 b 2ShipM Star0.23 GHigh metal content world809 lsFSD injection mats
Your table column for blueprint is wrong. EN-H is a Ship blueprint. GT-H is the only module blueprint one here.
So, the much anticipated interstellar iniciatives phase 1 is just a forum poll? That's It? One click to decide a random system outside of the game, in an english forum with the game translated in a lot of languages. Vote and wait one week, that's incredible rewarding....

I always defend the game and i always will, but this.....this can't be serious.

Sorry for the bad english.
FDEV really know how to start their new content with a bang....

launch update that kills FPS, brings in game-breaking power priority bug, add ridiculous effect to drag munitions, then back that up with a week long vote rather than any actual gameplay.....

Its like "guys - we have launched other games - stop playing ED and go buy those"
So, the much anticipated interstellar iniciatives phase 1 is just a forum poll? That's It? One click to decide a random system outside of the game, in an english forum with the game translated in a lot of languages. Vote and wait one week, that's incredible rewarding....

I always defend the game and i always will, but this.....this can't be serious.

Sorry for the bad english.
Most likely all the "interstellar initiatives" will be held only on the forum :)
Frontiers love to disappoint the community.
They are really good at it :)
Blimey, who thought clicking a button, or not, would cause so much angst?
I wonder how is (or even if) this appears Galnet. The vast majority of gamers never sign up for forums, especially on console. An in-game solution would be better. Zende Partners could offer a single data delivery mission, and they could have scout ships in each of these systems. Whichever system you deliver the data to is the one you support with your "vote". That's how I would have done it, then everyone could have participated who wanted to, not just an elect few in the forums.

Don't worry, I'm not upset. If anything, this falls under the "I don't really care" category. I just find the "you have to use the forum to participate in the game" mechanic to be..... Odd.
You might argue that people not playing the game at the moment aren't going to find out about it if it's in-game only (I can imagine the complaints), but if folk are checking the forums/YouTube/emails then they will. That said it would be nice to have in-game voting for a variety of reasons.
Coming from Powerplay which has voting & a result that can be rigged by creating multiple free accounts on the console version of the game, I'm not a fan of using voting on a forum that suffers the same flaw. Couldn't you have had a competition, had people send in images of the planet surfaces & have the best one at your discretion be the winning system; giving a special decal for the top submissions or something?

CMDR Justinian Octavius
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I do not care where the bus stops, so I will just not vote and leave the decision to be influenced by those that do care.

I'd like to think that others could come to this conclusion too without having to :poop: all over the thread with their lack of enthusiasm for the small scope of the decision making process of where to put a bus stop. There's plenty of other stuff to do in the game.
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