Powerplay Faction: Felicia Winters Brief Recap of Cycle 120; Winters corporate downsizing is successful!

Our more complete Cycle 121 Objectives soon, but we want to thank all the Winters pilots out there who listened to our plea not to fortify this week because of our wanting to self-turmoil.
Because of your efforts, Winters shed 3 highly unprofitable systems, and we will now start with a balance of +3 CC. That's a GAIN OF 127CC (we were at -124 CC balance before), and that means if we fortify everything we need to, there is NO WAY Winters can be turmoil-ed, no matter what her enemies do on the undermine front.

The CC balance would have been much higher if we had lost the other 3 systems on the turmoil list, but we faced a mass of fortifications being delivered from the 5C (Fifth Column) traitors who decided since they didn't have any bad preparations to prepare, they'd try to fortify everything to stop our self-turmoil. The were joined by well-meaning random players who saw Winters was in "trouble" and who don't read social media boards like these to discover the truth of things. All in all, more then 200K of forts were hauled by 5C and rando forces in an effort to stop the self-turmoil. Federal Liberal Command, who does most of the hauling for Winters, by comparison only shipped 35K, and most of that was early before we knew the operation stacked against us, and later in the cycle when we had our members haul forts to Neche for people who needed to gain their merits.

We will reiterate our belief that Frontier needs to do something to counter the 5C forces that are pervasive everywhere in this game, and who often do their work in solo or private Group, so no opportunity is being given to any of the Powers to counter/stop them. Perhaps having a Top 5 board of top Preparation Haulers to identify who is doing the hauling would help; perhaps giving more weight to those who do Powerplay merits in Open is another idea; but it needs to be addressed, in our view.

For now though, we again thank all of those who supported Winters in her endeavour. Our corporate downsizing has made us more sleek, more efficient, more profitable, and most importantly, more easier to defend.
Mortis Imperio!
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