[EMPIRE] Bright Star Dominion

The bright Star Dominion is one of the biggest and most active squadron in-game right now and if you ever look for a new home, we're always there.

Empire affiliated Squadron, we run on a democratic council, each member is attached to one of the three Deputy that are task to look after your interest, and raise any issue that matter to you to the Council meeting. This is a Squadron that put the members first.
We operate in pretty much all time zones and while we mostly communicate in English, the many nationalities in our rank means that someone probably speak the same one than you.
We have explorers, miner and fighters, but mostly we have people that will help you, that you are new or a veteran. We have live event planned and Squad activities from time to time for people to join in. The dedicated discord is of course always open!

If you need us, we will welcome you.

CMDR Shadowimpact
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