Brill Style Trolley

Hi Everyone,

Having been inspired by the beautiful trolley Fisherman built for the Rose Lake Park project I decided to make my own slightly bigger trolley loosely based on Brill style trolleys seen across America. The blueprint includes animated passengers and driver, lighting both interior and exterior and editable signage if you want to change destinations or the number on the side.

The images below were all taken in the incredible Rose Lake Park as it made a stunning backdrop and I would highly recommend downloading it and having a look around, also all the signage is currently showing 'Rose Lake Park' destinations and one I made up (Parlusiana - based on the Planco word Parluza or Place!).

Big thanks to Fisherman both for the inspiration and also for offering up some top tips to help me build this and also to all the creators of the TMTK items I used (listed in the Steam Workshop!)

I hope you all like the finished result:











Thanks Fisherman, it is somewhat bigger than your little trolley but I think roughly the same scale just a bigger, more modern design - I've got the bug now so I've started building another different design too! :oops:

The new one will be an open car very similar to Denver Trolley 1977 from 1911 (if you look on google that's the photos I am using for reference!) and I have built my own chasis so will be between this one and yours in terms of size as I felt the flat wagon was a bit high (but worked for this one!)

I haven't found the exact information yet on when these were built but certainly seen cars of a similar design saying they were from around 1905 but I also found a couple similar from as late as the 1930s so I think they were probably in production from the early 1900s with slight design updates over the years!
Brill built a variety of different cars, usually to the buyer's specifications. The "brill trolley" is actually just their interurban model that many cities across America ordered starting in aboit 1910. These were primarily used the same way subways are used today, and were used in Philly, Washington DC, Cleveland, and many other large cities. They were phased out around the time of the war, but some were built right into the late 1950's. Brill went out of business or maybe was bought out in 1954, I believe.

Wonderful model you have created, MattDownes!!!

Frontier, please give us a functional trolley!!!
Citytrader thanks for finding that information - I did some lazy googling but couldn't quite pin down the information I was looking for!

A functional trolley would be awesome, but then on the flip side I probably wouldn't have built this if there was one - every cloud!
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