Bring in the Hunting meter mechanic JWE1 was going to have

An excellent way to have even more dynamic behavior and interactions from the dinosaurs. Theropods would have a Hunting meter that drains like the others, perhaps more slowly than the rest, and as it goes down the probability of the theropod going to hunt another dinosaur or a goat instead of eating from a meat feeder when it gets hungry goes up. The outcome of the hunt would restore the meter, but perhaps in differing amounts. Failing a hunt would discourage the dinosaur from trying again for a bit but the meter would only refill a small amount, hunting and eating a goat would refill a medium amount, and successfully hunting another dinosaur would completely refill it. For small pack-hunting theropods, all of the individuals who participated in a hunt would have their meters refilled.

Not only would this make the dinosaurs feel more natural, it would also eliminate the random aggression theropods have towards herbivores and stop them from just randomly killing things even when they're not hungry, allowing them to be enclosed together more easily and naturally. Of course the Indominus rex and the Indoraptor can be the exceptions, keeping their murderous personalities from JWE1 or they can have their hunting meters drain much faster so they're compelled to hunt and kill much more often.
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