Bring the game to Xbox one and ps4


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There are no plans to develop Planet Coaster for consoles. The game's UI is not designed for consoles and consoles are incapable of running this game; they do not have sufficient hardware capabilities to support this game.
Is Planet Coaster really that demanding?

That’s wild, man, I never would have imagined.
The Thing is that you build most of the Stuff in the Park out of individual Pieces. Also, the Guests are pretty sophisticated when you think about it. The Pathfinding alone is pretty demanding, this and the different needs and wants of the individual guests/groups taxes the CPU quite a bit. But yes, the Main Reason is the Piece by Piece building. This is why JWE is on Consoles, and Planet Coaster is not. Also, like I said a million times: Do you really want to punish yourself trying to build a Park with a Controller?
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