broken technology / materials

Hi, not sure where the support page is, maybe you guys can help. I can't seem to figure out why my technology and weapons broken have a permanent "spinning wheel", like the game's not fully loading items. Do I need Horizons?
Engineering requires Horizons so it is probably required.

Material brokers have no purpose without Horizons afaik. No idea regarding Tech brokers though. Guardian tech, at the very least, definitely also requires Horizons.
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like $30 without sale; probably can find it cheaper. Still, with everything being pay-to-win these days, I forget what it's like to actually get decent content for $30 :D
The ability to drive around on airless planets was a great highlight of Horizon. That is quite a bit of fun.
The engineers became a great perk of Horizon that i can't live without now.
I'm assuming Horizons is worth it, form everything I've read
Horizons is definitely worth it.

Adds planet landings, engineers, guardian and meta outfitting.

More places to go, more things to do, more stuff to unlock, ability to upgrade your ship in more ways than I can describe.

So... yeah. If you want to jump further, fly faster, hit harder, and be able to drive an off-road vehicle with jump thrusters and dual plasma repeaters around a planet and fight skimmers.. get Horizons.
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