Brookfield Zoo

Couple more night shots of inside the other tents and looking at a food booth.


Moving on west from the Fest area. Here is a clip of the zoo master pan that providing inspiration for this project. The fest area is in the area between the fountain and the white highlighted area (in half of the West Mall on the plan).

The white area will be the African ungulate area in my project, which will connect to the old pachyderm house, which is now a huge ungulate barn. This white habitat will also include a jeep ride that goes through the habitat.

The pink rectangle will be where Tropic World will be built.

The blue circled area will be the new Gorilla Rescue habitat.

Now we will focus on the green circle which is the mandrill habitat.

Here is the actual game shot of this area as these sections mentioned above get laid out. Color highlights are the same as above.

Layout of the Mandrill area.
Green is the main habitat.
Pink is the secondary smaller habitat.
Blue is the animal bridge that connects the two habitats.
Red is backstage and keeper area (there will actually be a second red area above the pink habitat side as well.
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